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  1. Well, I live in the US and I figure skate, so you can tell how I feel about the whole thing. If you can't, I am rather annoyed. But my favorite person ever right now is from Japan, Yuzuru Hanyu because he is kind of adorable tongue.gif

  2. I own every episode. Sherlock is actually kind of my life (don't judge me tongue.gif).


    My personal theory is the ball one, which I totally came up with before the show. I have some minor differences, but I am too lazy to type them up. Of course, I accept the Sheriarty one too wink.gif except Johnlock is so perfect.

  3. Well my favorite doctor is eleven aka Matt Smith because he is kind of amazing lol my favorite companion is Amy Pond (I like Rory Williams as well because, ya know, and also River. Basically the whole family).


    I love the episodes (some are sets of episodes): Silence in the Library, The Angels take Manhattan, The Eleventh Hour, The Impossible Astrounaut, and Lets Kill Hitler.


    Obviously I love other episodes too and I like all of the doctors, not to worry.

  4. Of WWII I would vote Mauthausen of Kambanellis. He describes his experiences as a prisoner in there.

    I know I've already posted a ton, but on a WWII note I think The Book Thief was a very sad book

  5. I was so surprised to find there was not already a forum for this, so I decided to create one. Do you love them, hate them, never heard of them?


    Personally, Im not actually a fan rolleyes.gif but i figured it needed a topic

  6. well i can play the piano, but i love to sing biggrin.gif im not sure if im good (or i dont want to sound full of myself)


    well, since no one knows me im gonna be immodest and say everyone says im good tongue.gif i dont think i am. i really wanna be a singer though, so i think i might sign up for x factor 2013

  7. i love her. i probably sound like i should be in an insane asylum, but i think she is a good role model. Just because of What She Has Done, not because of her clothes tongue.gif although i do love her songs too

  8. I saw the unrated version of this (my friends and i are bad at shopping) and even though i am a huge twilight fan I loved this! it was sooooo funny biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


    the funniest thing ever was when i didnt know this was going to be a real movie. So i wrote a really mean comment on the youtube trailer AND THE DIRECTOR WROTE BACK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! imagine my surprise when the movie comes out... most awkward moment of my life so far...