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Love me. Hate me. Respect me.MY SCROLL IS FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE U JELOUS YET????!!!!!!! haha jk plz view ;-P [/size] yeah so I will basically give away anything for free... pm me if you want somethingIf you feel like a freak, turn yourself into a beautiful freak. ~ Mika Penniman25k56cl.gifnotslower.gifSigTophat.gifSigNDSmack.gifdon't click this link...

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    Why do u wanna know? Are you a STALKER????????
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    I am a figure skater. I love ice skating, and my pet dog Annie. I really like nebula and geode dragons. I love singing, and hope to one day be a professional singer or actress. I love my friends(you know who you are) and hopefully they love me. if one of my dragons names is code is ________, it means it had a cool code and i wanted to display it...

    Wish list(will offer u pick of tinsel or something else, pm for details):
    ~nebulas but only cb
    ~geodes (same as nebulas)

    ~and more to add!!!!