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fdiwG.png << Meh scroll :3*** Currently searching for 'god' coded dragons for this lineage of mine. PM for info! ***I also LOVE palindrome dragon codes, and am always willing to trade for them! <3

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    *** To DeadInside: 2 CB Vampire eggs bitten by Reaper's Image. As of Aug 1st 2013: On hold, pending reply.
    DeadInside MIA since July 11th 2013. At least.


    Le Random Wish-list; otherwise known as the:

    'I can dream, can't I?' Project. ^.^;



    *Things to fulfill above IOUs (if any).
    * CB egg/female black with palindrome code as a mate for Commondant L'Pali! <3
    * Egg/female hatchling with 'Mindy' code - any caps.


    Long-Term Wants:

    *Palindrome coded eggs/hatchlings, perfect or otherwise!
    *Any egg/hatchling with a cool code ^.^


    To Fill-In Scroll: (Not a priority, by any means...)

    CB Forest (Chrono) Xenowyrm (M)
    CB Jungle (Gaia) Xenowyrm (M)

    2ed gen Blue Winged Solstice

    2ed stage 'red' copper (f)
    2ed Stage '15 Christmas
    2ed Stage '17 Valentine
    2ed Stage '18 Valentine
    2ed Stage '16 Halloween
    2ed Stage '16 Christmas

    1st stage black alt - sitting
    1st Stage '16 Val.
    1st Stage '17 Val.
    1st Stage '18 Val.
    1st Stage '16 Halloween
    1st Stage '16 Christmas