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  1. let me know if you can help with ideas!
  2. This is not even close to done. It's a little peak. I need some feedback on plot, ideas, characters, etc. I've been told its also a fun little read! Thanks everyone! A reply with constructive criticism would be great! Here it is Alone to Die By: Richie Mitch awoke to a loud bang in the morning. He sat up startled, and dashed through his house without even taking the chance to look at his clock. As he got to the front door, he heard talking and looked out to see his younger son Mike holding a phone to his ear with his hunting rifle hung over his shoulder. He
  3. I'm on mobile, this seems to be a pretty boring event
  4. Thank you to maximumoccupancy and ~Kat~ For all you've done for me
  5. I got me a third gen shimmer I'm now putting a list for it! It's good looking Silver x shadow walker
  6. How the hell did you manage to do that?
  7. Traded for a CB gold, and am trying to trade it for a shimmer! ;D
  8. Just got put on a list for 3G shimmer
  9. I offered on that a 2nd gen gold, and 3 random hatchies Hope it will be mine! I will be a good home
  10. Got my first shimmer! http://dragcave.net/lineage/vC3cr Finally! Now I can trade it's offspring
  11. -comment removed, please don't call members out-
  12. What about me? Nobody wants to have sexy time with me?
  13. Hugs Darien* This is much nicer isn't it? But I ****ing got you! *CACKLES* Dolphin Dives away from incoming attacker
  14. I am heterosexual . I have no problem with bi or gays. I know that it is not a Choice and I am cool with people of that orientation. People with other beliefs hating bi sexually or gays are pretty retarded.
  15. Because the AP smells like ! The bios have cake!!! Why are tinsels shiny? ~Edit for censor evasion.~
  16. COD/ mw2. I was sniping an enemy, I missed and they chased me. I jumped off a building on Favela and onto a car that blew up on impact. For last alive suicide!