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  1. Was a bit bummed I couldn't get a full set of Xenos and since I can't find them in the cave anymore, I reckoned I should just give up and continue my breeding projects. Then - my Ice dragon finally got me my final GoN! http://dragcave.net/lineage/KqkSu
  2. Sometimes I do see them, but I'm way too slow. Is there any way to turn off background/header images so the page loads faster?
  3. It still bums me out though that because of time zones and classes I was a day ate and am now short on Jungle, Forest, and Desert pairs. If only there was a way to receive a notification every time there was a new release so I wouldn't have to manually check myself every other day or so.
  4. Every 5-15 minutes I think, so your mileage might vary.
  5. Far as I know, it really is only 62 as of current time. Hopefully this won't change in the next few hours. And can I just say I AM SO HAPPY FOR DRAGON AGE EGG <3
  6. And here I was expecting a Skyrim reference. It still is pretty though.
  7. Which one is the Soul Gem? oo Aw, be sure to wish him a Happy birthday for me!
  8. Dragon Age: Inquisition. Normal death: Got killed by a lightning-breathing dragon (I was under-levelled for that area). Non-combat death: Jumped from a railing at the Window Palace.
  9. Finally got all the eggs! I particularly like the one that's empty but fills up with the night sky and sparkling stars.
  10. Does anyone know how often the eggs spawn?
  11. Only just got my eggs because I haven't logged on in a while. Are the colours of the gems influenced by their gender? A bit confused on that. :/ And does anyone know how much longer the drop will go on for?
  12. I bred a Radiant Angel and Brown Copper as a mate for another Copper ... and forgot I was full so it auto-abandoned. T.T I've changed the Copper's name with a request to PM me if someone picks up the egg, but I doubt anything will come out of it.
  13. Congrats to the winners, you guys must be really happy! I guess I'll just have to try for next year. Eight should be a lucky number, right?
  14. Finally got a mate for him and their first try: http://dragcave.net/lineage/9J7Cd
  15. Caught a CB Silver! I spied it in Volcano but was cycling through biomes real quick before bed so I overshot it. I panicked and went back to find it still there, clicked it and HOOZAH OWO
  16. League: Stabbed by a void spike while going first time Malphite.
  17. Yay, League players are here too! I joined four months ago and decided to do my soloQ provisionals a week before S4 ended. Got Silver 5 after going 3-7. What server are you guys on? And Dauntless Ahri looks nice, but I'm saving my RP for DJ Sona. D:
  18. Are 2G Prize fails still in the market and if they are, how much are they typically worth?
  19. Personally, I like low-gens if they're valuable, like metals or prizes (I'll never see one on my scroll though, unless I get rad lucky ). Then again, long-lineages cna be super awesome too. Like, look at this little guy! http://dragcave.net/lineage/rK4jk IT'S SO COLOURFULLY PERFECT THANK YOU
  20. Continuing the vein of not influencing, didn't influence my 2G Thuwed I'm trying to trade. Someone put into hatcheries and now it's hatched. D:
  21. I finally got my 2G Thuwed! If I wanted to trade it away, what could I reasonably expect in return in terms of prizes and metals?
  22. A bit late to the party but I'd like to ask - do yellow Undines only come from PB or any specific breeds? Or is there an equal chance for a yellow no matter who the mate is?
  23. Came back after a several months of unplanned hiatus and gave one of my Ice dragons a look and thought, 'Eh, let's have one more try.' MY FIRST GoN EGG!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/Hp9ff
  24. Misclicked a CB Nebula then was down my last egg slot and bagged a CB Green Copper.
  25. This little girl coloured right! http://dragcave.net/lineage/6hoxf