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  1. bred my last magi/water pair they gace me a new one which went straight to the ah cuz i am uber-locked grats whoever got it :3
  2. i think the lack of drops is just how the ration system is working right now hopefully thatll get fixed soon im still trying to grab more MM eggs i got really really lucky with these and decided to randomly refresh the cave JUST as they started dropping
  3. wooo! gots me one of all three! x3
  4. LULZ i went to the main cave and saw the eggs and was like ...........i do not reconize this...IT MUST BE NEW grabbed 2 of 'em THEN came here
  5. Views: 27139 - Ekole - Gil212 UVs: 1870 - Knae - Gil212 Clicks: 71 - Kitarto - Gil212 that little gold hatchy had almost the most uvs as well o.O no idea why old btw
  6. according to my calculations somewhere around last year? my oldest new pink was Stolen on: May 08, 2009 and im preeeeeeeeeetty sure i got him around the time they were released... they were retired and the new ones released at the same time and i believe it was because the pinks srsly needed an update, the ap was ALWAYS full of them, worse then anything today, and i think dove wanted them updated... and the old ones CAN breed, they just wont produce bright pink eggs, they will be the new pink eggs
  7. i have 2 and a frozen hatchy and i do kinda miss the bright pink eggs they were fun and oracle its killing me, wheres ur avvy from?
  8. ive got a couple i like breeding them cuz u go and look who your eggs parents are and POOF theyre BRIGHT PINK
  9. Gil212

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    ._. still cant grab a hellfire and mah silly sunsong is er apparently >.>
  10. d'aaaaaaaw i didnt know that that is freakin' 'dorable x3
  11. i think thats technically a potato egg (or so it was called earlier in the thread ) but its cute isnt it?
  12. oo egg drop in the main cave
  13. 1minute~~! im so excited!
  14. yush :x i should be writing a report due tomorrow but im here instead
  15. gotta catch em all~ *mutters song while madly refreshing for egg*
  16. lol its just me being silly
  17. lulz i keep forgetting when to check so i must click faster so the respawn sooner so the add does not cause me to run out of time
  18. 30/38 D: must click faster!