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  1. Oh.My.Goodness. That adult is awesome! Thank you, Spriters!
  2. Khallayne, you gave me good luck karma! Got one! The eggs are too cute. Thanks TJ, thanks, Spriters. *tries to catch the second one*
  3. Still database error, only the third egg "works" for me. Catching - impossible. Hmph.
  4. Since there's so much downtime, it would be nice if the Valentine eggs would keep dropping one day longer.
  5. *grrrrr* Why is it that the server is always down when there are special eggs? *sigh*
  6. Hm. Still Database Error and only two eggs for me. *sigh* Hope this gets fixed soon.
  7. Aryana


    Ohhh, a cats thread! I love cats. Our first one, Tiger, was poisoned last year. he was only one and a half year old, and I still miss him dearly. But we decided to have cats again, and here they are: That's Kater - his name just means tomcat in German. Husband's idea. And here we have Moon aka Miss Fluffy. She's half British Shorthair, but she would pass for a pure bred.
  8. Some of my Magi dragons are named after characters from my NaNo-novel. I wrote the first book of the thing last year and will write the second volume in November. Aaaaargh. Plot. Where's my plot fo volume II gone? *sigh* *goes re-reading volume I*
  9. It's so much fun. I did NaNoWriMo in the last three years and will do it again this year. The novel I wrote in 2007 will get published in the coming year, so of course I think I can do it again - maybe.
  10. I'm lagging ab bit behind, but I try to name the whole bunch. I made up naming schemes for most breeds, but I haven't figured out a scheme for the new ones yet, except for the Sunsongs. And I found a horse dragon on my scroll that isn't named by now, but grown up for ages. Have to think about a name now.
  11. 38/38! *bounces* The eggs all are really pretty. THanks to all those who made them.
  12. Aryana

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Got a nebula, a speckled and this "changing colorsin sunlight" eggie. *goes joining all the other scroll-locked people here*
  13. Since this is the way I breed - I'm in and take the oath.