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  1. I was all sleepy and about to go to bed and I noticed that my beautiful 9th gen Autumn from deb had grown up, so I thought, why not. New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: kelverathewinged Team of Breeder: Denim Generation of Egg: 10th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Bub9s Transferring or Keeping: Keeping! My preciooouuuus! 10th gen EPIC Autumn! Aaaand now I'm too excited to fall asleep. Oh and I also need to post a replacement form for the mother - deb was kind enough to rebreed so I could finish with an Autumn, one of my two favorite dragons. Thank you deb! Oops Form What went wrong: wanted an Autumn Dragon Breeder: deblogan Team of Breeder: Magenta Intended Dragon Owner: kelverathewinged Team of Intended Dragon Owner: Denim Generation of affected Dragon: 9th Lineage URL of affected Dragon:http://dragcave.net/lineage/LfLoz Replacement: http://dragcave.net/lineage/EVb7L
  2. Hooray and congratulations to deb and Cait for their 10th gens! When I first envisioned this project I knew it would take a long time to complete but I never dreamed it would take THIS long. I'm beyond excited that we're starting to see 10th gens at last! To all members who are essentially only still playing DC in order to finish this project, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you sticking with us. I know it can be easy to forget to check in as DC becomes less and less important in your life and every single one of you who is still here is one less person we need to replace. Thanks so much for being team players and helping make it possible for everyone to finish the project. I really am so grateful that you're sticking it out with us. In that vein, it's looking like we might need a deeper bench when it comes to replacing inactive members once the deadline for the current activity check roles around, so if you're not a member of two teams already and would like to join a second team, please let us know. Also, if you have any friends who might be interested in joining the project in the late stages, feel free to recruit. We're going to need everyone's help as we're coming down the home stretch to actually finish this marathon undertaking. Also in that vein, I'm thrilled to announce that sparkdragon will be replacing Jayme on Team Turquoise, so there is just one more complete team who will soon be ready to resume trading. Look for more replacement announcements to be made as members report that they'd like to be removed or don't report at all by the time Halloween rolls around. -Fearless Leader
  3. Just taking care of some paperwork. First the part where I'm just a lowly member of the project: New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: kelverathewinged Team of Breeder: Denim Generation of Egg: 8th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/E0vnS Transferring or Keeping: Transferred to LadySephira Transfer Form Sender: kelverathewinged Team of Sender: Denim Receiver: LadySephira Team of Receiver: Orchid Generation of Egg: 8th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/E0vnS Then the part with my Fearless Leader hat on: Helix9 will be replacing Lolchen on Team Flame. IvoryDragon432 will be replacing BlueCanary1 on Team Turquoise. We may be needing more replacements in the near future so if you're able to take on a second team, or if you'd like to join the project, please post here or PM the EPIC account and let us know.
  4. Just a quick reminder/clarification: For those of you who have a preferred species that you'd like to continue through your line, we hope you're able to achieve that. However, in the interest of keeping the project moving, I thought it would be a good idea to lay out a few ground rules regarding rebreeding to achieve the desired species. 1) Please keep your first egg for each generation regardless of species. If you have no trading partner to send an egg to, you may continue to rebreed for your desired species. 2) If you have a trading partner assigned to you, please send them the next egg you breed, regardless of species. You may still continue to rebreed for yourself after sending a traded egg. 3) Once you have both a self-bred dragon and a traded dragon, please try breeding them for the next generation and keep the first egg you get. You may still continue to rebreed the parent generation for your desired species. 4) If you manage to breed a replacement egg of your desired species, go ahead and mate it with your traded dragon. If you get an egg, congratulations! You may officially replace your first dragon with a sibling of your desired species. However, if you reach the point of needing to trade an egg for a new generation and you still have not managed to breed the species that you want, or your new kept dragon has not yet produced an egg with your traded dragon, please continue with the first line you bred. 5) If your dragons do not cooperate to produce the species you want by the time you need to trade the next generation, please feel free to produce a parallel line for yourself and breed it with your traded dragons of each generation. This will not be your official EPIC line for trading purposes but you can still get a 10th gen EPIC dragon of your desired breed if you wish. If anyone has any questions, please contact the EPIC account. Thank you. On an unrelated note, we need a volunteer to replace Lolchen on team Flame. You must be active and not have more than one line already. Please post here or PM the EPIC account to volunteer. -Fearless Leader
  5. Ryoneko, it's going to depend on which of your lines cooperates first. Right now you've got two eggs to breed from your current (non-Stripe) line - a self-bred 7th gen and 6th gen to send to your trading partner. Please go ahead and try breeding those, but you can also feel free to try breeding yourself a new 6th gen Stripe to replace your current 6th gen. If you get a 6th gen Stripe before you get a 6th gen to trade or a 7th gen from your current pair you can replace your current 6th gen and keep trying for Stripes. If not, please continue with your current line. *** Spreadsheet updated to here ***
  6. My round 2 choices are 22, 24, and pass. Thanks for a great drawing as always everyone!
  7. *happydances through the thread* I got my first 3rd gen Gold for my Gold x Red Neb checkerboard. So happy right now! Isn't he handsome? And and and! Two gorgeous Nebs as well - everyone think the reddest thoughts to you can come up with at them please! She will be red because she wants me to be happy! And so will she! And just in case making me happy is not motivation enough... Ladies! Look at that handsome little egg next to you! Isn't he shiny? And studly? Surely you want to grow up to be a worthy mate for such a handsome shiny boy! Oh you do? Well, whichever of you is redder will be his mate. Be as red as it's possible for a little Nebbie to be! Ready, go! Edit: Oh and Pink, both the girls you gave me turned blue, so they're off to join airaani's hoard. Would you possibly be able to try again for me? Thanks again for helping, I really appreciate it!
  8. I pick number 1 please. Wow, so many pretties, I had a really hard time deciding! Thanks everyone for donating!
  9. I believe several teams that have reached 9th gen are missing a team member, but we're holding off on replacing them until we're getting closer to y'all actually getting to trade again. No sense in making complete teams just for y'all to sit and twiddle your thumbs. As soon as anyone in group B starts getting close to being ready to trade we'll make sure all the 9th gen teams are complete. Thanks for being on top of it though!
  10. Got in touch with BlueCanary1. Turquoise is going to need a new captain, and possibly a new member. I'm waiting on a reply, so I'll update when she gets back to me about whether she'll be able to continue the project. We should at least be able to get replacement eggs from her if nothing else.
  11. I'm in for the shiny drawing, and if Pink says yes to including 2nd gen Coppers, I have a PB Verdigris to contribute. All my other shinys were horrible brats, especially my other Coppers, who all refused each other. So much for pure breeding Coppers by color, at least until the frenzy calms down and they become available again.
  12. I have a low time CB Royal Blue available for a milestone if anyone wants it - it'll be ER by the time I can send it to you since I'm off to bed, so if you want it let me know which gender you prefer and I'll influence and hatch it for you when I wake up.
  13. Fi, let me know if you need 2nd gen coppers, I have a pair of each color I can breed for you.
  14. Good morning, Pink. *offers coffee and a muffin* Why don't you keep the milestone records on a spreadsheet, one that only mods have access to? That way it's not taking up the whole front page but still all nicely contained in one place and easily edited. You could keep the records by player just like you suggested. Super easy to find things that way but we don't have to worry about running out of characters or scaring off potential new members with a massive wall of complicated looking records. That's my two cents about the milestone records. In other news, I now have six of the eight 2nd gen Golds I need for my Gold x Red Neb checkerboard project (and who would have thought that Golds would be the easy half of anything?) Still working on getting them all mates - I have two 2nd gen Red Nebs and another two eggs growing. I'm really concentrating on this particular project right now, so if anyone could breed a Nebbie from CB Gold x CB Red Neb for me that's not related to the ones I already have I would be very grateful and would happily breed or catch something for you in exchange. Thanks everyone! P.S. Any that turn Blue get donated to our resident Nebula hoarder so there's a potential to make two of us happy. Or, you know, one of us happy and then really frustrated and then another one of us happy.
  15. Welcome back, catstaff! And welcome back to me too, I guess. I've poked my head in a couple times but I haven't been able to be really active in quite a while. Life has calmed down recently though. I'm online every day and active on the forums again, and it seems like this time it's going to last so I'm excited to say that I'm back to being Fearless Leader again! Jane will still be my second so feel free to continue to address questions to her, but I'm ready to retake the main leadership role in the project. While I'm at it, lets have a giant round of applause, shout outs, confetti, and general gratitude to Jane for keeping the project afloat while life has been eating me for the last year and a half or so. This project is so important to me, and I'm incredibly grateful to her for taking such good care of it while I couldn't. Bravo, Jane! -Fearless Leader
  16. ... OMG y'all. I finally have a right colored Stripe from the most stubborn pair in history. It might not look too impressive but my project is pyramid shaped and this pair has been holding it up FOREVER. No really, forever. I've been breeding them since March of 2010 and they've had a statistics defying 20+ wrong colored eggs. I just... I'll let the images say it.
  17. Hi everybody! *waves to the even gen community at large* I took a long hiatus from DC but I'm giving it another try now and my beloved Ridgewings have apparently missed me and said "Welcome back, mom! We give you two pure Tan eggs and a pure Purple egg!" Eeeee! 5th gen pure Purple Ridgewing! 3rd gen pure Tan Ridgewing! 2nd gen pure Tan Ridgewing! My Stripes, in contrast, said "Oh, it's you. We thought you were done bothering us. No right colors for you." Some things never change, I see. Also, yay Wiz! That is indeed cause for a Kermitflail!
  18. Hi everybody! I was thrilled to hear from Jane that y'all were getting the project off the ground again. I'll do my best to check in on at least a semi-regular basis, but Jane should still be your main contact- she'll make sure I hear about all the important news. -Fearless Leader
  19. TJ, there are not even words for how much you are made of awesome today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  20. 70/92 and off to bed. Caught the winged kitty and the orange dino of adorableness today, plus bred an egg I've been needing for one of my projects (cause the dragons know when I need to be unlocked and cooperate just to laugh at me when I can't keep my fingers off the breeding button). Today is a good day!
  21. OMG I got the leetle orange dino! <3 Thank you Marrionetta for making him. He's SOOOO cute! *settles in to watch his little legs go*
  22. Really? I went straight to bed once I caught my last one at Easter and I had to hunt almost up to the end to get them all since I started late. I had no idea they kept showing up. Just caught #52. Took me a minute to figure out it was vampire fangs but now that I see it they're SO COOL!
  23. caught a little gummy bat- hurrah! I've been waiting for that one! Last one until classes are over now. 35 so far...
  24. o.O Black? Thanks, TJ! *edit* Caught one of each, by some miracle. Can't wait to see what they hatch into, although it's a good thing Black eggs glow now or there'd be serious confusion on the AP.
  25. Excellent. In that case, allow me to introduce Gentle Giant Rufus BSL Mastiff and Gentle Giant Daphne BSL Dane, named after two of my favorite students. As soon as I have some scroll room I'm going to catch some more Terraes and name them all after Giant breed students of mine. I think I want to make this my main project here, since I have a special fondness for Giant breeds and I don't think there's a single one in the world that didn't make the list. Even legitimately potetntially dangerous breeds like Filas have some real sweethearts in the breed and are just fine as long as they're with people who have experiance with the breed and know how to work around their instincts.