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It’s a travesty that people have forced someone who is gay to have to make their case that they deserve the same basic rights as someone else. - Jon Stewartfemalesignglbtqfinal.pngMy scroll My cousin's scroll epicproject.gifak8jeu.jpg2n1b0xe.gifth.jpgRare.gifepkw8p.gif2vm7qjl.jpg

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    reading (mainly fantasy and sci-fi), art, photography, Farscape, politics, feminism, dog sports, cuddling my puppies


    Hatchlings- if not numbered, I am currently collecting unlimited numbers of that type of hatchling. Highest priorities are in [b]bold[/b]
    [b]CB Autumn[/b] (any gender, currently need one female to balance gender ratios)
    [b]2nd gen or higher, even gen pure Autumns[/b] (must be unrelated to any currently in my project. PM me lineage links if you would like to offer these and I will let you know if I can use them and what genders I would need)
    4 CB Red (male x3, female x1)
    2 CB Pink (female)
    1 CB Red Dorsal (female)
    4 CB Day Glory (male x2, female x2)
    4 CB Night Glory (male x2, female x2)
    2 CB Lumina (male x1, female x1)
    CB Turpentines
    [b]CB Purple Ridgewings[/b]
    2 CB Sunstone (male, gendered and low time only)
    3 CB Flamingo (male x2, female x1, gendered and low time only)
    2 CB Hellfire (male x1, female x1, gendered and low time only)
    2 2nd gen Red Nebula (must be gendered obviously) with CB Gold father and CB Red Nebula mother

    Worth 2 of the above hatchlings and will be accepted as either eggs or hatchlings-
    CB Tan Ridgewings (will take any gender, but prefer female currently since I have a single boy waiting)
    CB Ices (female or influenceable egg)
    1 CB Thunder (male)
    1 2nd gen Silver (female or influenceable egg) from CB Silver mother and CB Blusang father
    CB or pretty 2nd gen Blusangs
    CB or pretty 2nd gen Tsunamis

    Currant rate for even 4th gen Silver Tinsel IOUs is 1:7 from the above list. Will also accept Tinsel swaps at a rate of 1:1 for fourth gen or less, even gen or single breed stairstep. Higher gen even or single breed stairstep Tinsels will be considered with additional eggs/hatchlings required depending on the lineage.

    CB Silver is autoaccept and I would be happy to add what I can to the offer.