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  1. royal blue from spriter's alt shadow walker and someone's trying to get a gold from BBW's...
  2. FINALLY bred an egg I've been trying to get for months!
  3. How are they going to play along with hybrids? I just tried my male green copper x female hellhorse, but no egg. I think the hellhorse is the only hybrid where both parents are from different biomes AND one isn't from multiple biomes.
  4. Beautiful green checker, and a relative to another AP find!
  5. spitfire hatchling up for grabs
  6. I wish... I need a BBW from a BBW x swallowtail pair... 7 swallowtails so far! Here's a spitfire for anyone who needs it.
  7. It seems like eggs are still sorted by time, and then by breed. So, as soon as the eggs hit 3d 23h, they'll get picked up immediately by people who want an insta-hatchling to freeze. I can't see any eggs dying because of this.
  8. Playing the alt lotto and found this beauty: black & gold checker plus, third-gen red! good thing I have another AP find for a mate!
  9. pretty 4th gen waverunner from two different thunder checkers!
  10. Grabbed these two within a day of each other: ridgewing 1 ridgewing 2 influenced as mates. Some other recent catches: guardians x magmas pretty tinselfail
  11. just picked this up, which I'll breed with this (or a sibling if the egg genders wrong.)
  12. Congratulations! Your PHI BETA KARPA evolved into MAGIKARP BADGE! yaaay, no more splashing
  13. I'm looking for a common egg from a holiday (lumina x gold-winged snow angel) for a checker project. Would a CB Nebula hatchling be a good offer?
  14. well THIS is pretty not sure if I'll keep it, though.
  15. I still don't have all of the LAST release, but I don't play the game to collect a certain number of each sprite. I've got breeding and gifting projects to work on, so I'll get around to collecting a tsunami and a blusang later. Although, I seriously love the brimstones, and will probably start hoarding them.
  16. Another filters suggestion: after performing an action from a filter page, in addition to the "Return to Actions" link, a "Return to (filter page)" link? For example, I bring up all my unnamed dragons; I name one; now to name the next, I either have to go back and refresh (to remove that dragon from the list), or return to the main page and filter again. Adding a link that says 'Return to Unnamed Dragons List' would be a nice convenience. Or, I want to use all the 'SPLASH's for the day; I sort for BSA; I use one Shallow Water; again, to just click once to go back to the 'Show available for BSA' page would be very convenient.
  17. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the prettiest. SO need to make it an appropriate mate.
  18. Last dragon in my first full set of trios grew up. Summoned an egg on the first try.
  19. horses & shadows -- love the line and the names
  20. third-gen purebred waverunner for my frozen waverunner collection I LOVE this and definitely want to continue the lineage perfect tinselfail arrow <3
  21. sungsong/ember even gen pretty pink with silvers interesting 3rd gen with dead grandparents Deadlines are interesting, I'd like to collect more of them. I just saw a really cool stone/gold spiral on the AP but I was specifically looking for a CB stone.
  22. Picked up this amazing sunrise/set egg. Too perfect.
  23. Found this lovely yesterday. Now I have motivation to find a CB ember to continue!
  24. I grabbed this awesome guardian. I doubt I'll ever grab another CB ice to make a perfect match, but I think guardians and sunstones could be a nice addition.