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  1. Both of these updates are beautiful! Thanks to both artists for their work! I understand the disappointment some have over the silvers. I had a lot of disappointment over the change with the golds when that happened. For me, I didn't expect to like the change in them *this* much!
  2. Voted. For me, I do with them the way I would want others to: I re-trade eggs/hatchies or gift them if I don't get exactly what I was asking for my trade. Trading via PM, I tell the person who I'm trading with where it will end up, since I know some people care about that stuff. I have never re-traded a gift. I don't think I've ever gotten a gift I didn't want, though. If someone offered to gift me something I didn't want, I'd decline it. I always follow the requests from things taken from the departure board. However, that's just me! I think if someone trades something, they can do whatever they want with it. It's a bit different with gifts and departure thread requests, but it shouldn't be. I mean, once someone offers a person something and they take it, it's theirs. I understand the argument, though, and that's why I always honor that stuff. I also think of it like this: life happens and who knows what might be going on with someone who accepts a gift, trade, or departure who then doesn't care for it.
  3. brightflashes

    Z Project

    To anyone who wants them: CB Z code Spitfire CB Z code Purple Dorsal
  4. The site should be up now and running as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience. There shouldn't be any more significant incidences. - on behalf of Hornpipe2 (Greg Kennedy) who I live with.
  5. I Have Granted A Wish Dragon and Requirements: Female Blacktip Link to Lineage: > Lineage < Gifter: brightflashes Recipient: ravenlady My Current Total: 1
  6. My Wish Was Granted Dragon and Requirements: CB Lumina Egg Link to lineage: > Lineage < Gifter: osean Recipient: me, brightflashes My Current Total: 0
  7. I Am Wishing Dragon and Requirements: CB Lumina Egg Recipient: brightflashes My Total Wish Points: 10 Total Cost of This Wish: 10
  8. I'm Granting A Wish Dragon and Requirements: Any dino Link to lineage: >Lineage< Gifter: brightflashes Recipient: silverflame22 My Total Wish Points: 10 + 20 pending Accepted different offer. Current points still 10.
  9. I really like the idea of being flexible enough to change your wish. It seems like there should be a time frame on it though. If a lot of people were making wishes and then changing them, it would be a lot of work to keep the front page updated. That said, I really do think it would be a good idea.
  10. They turn off during the day to save electricity. How does electricity work?
  11. Ultimate question: How to find meaning in suffering.
  12. seacat: totally. And really rock it, too, because you glow on your birthday (or so I've heard. Something having to do with astrology which I may or may not believe). Is there something you can do to treat yourself? For example, I might go to a book store on a lonely birthday and make up stories about the people who come in.
  13. Because Hax was borrowed and left out in the rain. Why do my cats suddenly think it's cool to run around the house in a frenzy at 2 in the morning?
  14. False! I *really* should have by now, though. TPBM plays Hearthstone ... and likes it!
  15. One of my kid's birthday parties is today. Worried that very few people will show up, like last year. Got some RSVPs. Paid a lot of money so she could have a cheer leading party (They'll teach the girls basics about cheer leading and how to do a little cheer). *Really* hope she won't be let down if only a few people show up. *Really* hope I'll be surprised and have more people show up than the party was booked for!
  16. You didn't do anything to "make" yourself any way. Usually when you feel something like that, it's based on a belief which isn't serving you anymore. For example, I used to believe that I was somehow not good enough, like that there was something innately wrong with me. Because I believed that, I thought that I wasn't worthy of others and I felt that no one wanted to be around me or thought I was very important or whatever. But the truth was that I was expending so much effort to please others or try to be "good enough" that I missed the point that my only job is to be myself and as long as I'm that, I'm automatically good enough, because I'm being the best I can be. Try examining what you might believe about yourself or the other people involved and start asking yourself how true those beliefs are. It might lead you somewhere.
  17. I absolutely hate this feeling. I used it get it a lot more when I was younger for some reason not so much now (I'm in my 30s). What I hated the most about it is that if I were to simply ask, basically, "Hey, whats up?" they'd accuse me of being "confrontational". So frustrating. Hope you get your answers. Just know that sometimes people are irrational and it has nothing to do with you. When you think of it as if you're looking for a rational answer from an irrational person, that might help (it helps with me).
  18. Every time I read more about Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious, I know I'm in the right field. It's about getting the certification and license needed to actually do what I want. 3 more years. Wish I had gotten this done back when I was fresh out of college rather than a mumble-something mom of 2, working hard to make all the bills and still be "fun" while also finishing up college. Marie-Louise Von Franz is an excellent writer about Jung's Collective Unconscious.
  19. True. As long as they're not significantly larger than me and charging at me! TPBM has to work tomorrow.
  20. False. White Chocolate is the only kind I like! TPBM doesn't think Breaking Bad was the best show ever.
  21. CreeperPhotobomberGale scroll name same as my user name.
  22. ... rainbows. She was so serious about how her...