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  1. Why are Dinos the only ones with shoes? Do the Dragons not deserve stylish footwear too? Maybe those Albino Dragons would benefit from shoes, what with not having any scales and all.
  2. My Vamps are named: - Alucard Nosferatu (Hellsing reference) - Vampires Don't Sparkle Dorkface (Self-Explanatory) - Corrupted innocence (It was once a white egg) - R de Moraine in Feval (Vampire wiki entry) All of them are male. The next time I catch one, I'm going to influence it female.
  3. frys = Phillip J Fry It was the first time I named a Dragon specifically because of the code. The fact that the name was AWESOME is just a bonus.
  4. @ Vasperina: What are you talking about? You can switch to date, then switch back to custom and it'll still be how you left it. I switch my sorting to "sort by breed" all the time and my custom sort is still exactly how I left it.
  5. Just sort your dragons by date (default). The dragons at the top are the first ones you ever caught.
  6. Guardian, Vine, Purple, and Skywing
  7. I made these coded names: My silver w/ the code "frys" = Phillip J. Fry My vine w/ the code "TBA1" = To Be Announced