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  1. Here, a few stories I was once eating some KFC drumsticks, which barely ever happens in this household, FYI. Well, I had finished eating one of them, and there were marks where the tendons were attached. Well, somehow, the tendons attached in a way that made it look like... a human skull D8 It was really creepy.... I usually just laugh at that sort of thing, but omg, it looked EXACTLY like a skull. I was done eating that night. *Shudders* Um, there is this strange white splatter of stuff with what looks like little tiny chunks in it in my basement; it's been there since the previous owners had the house. I don't think that needs any more explanation. Once my mother slipped and fell on her butt on some ice, nearly throwing her back out in the process. Well, she thought it would be a nice idea to show me the bruise. It was at least 6 inches, and was a lovely combination of neon green, blue, and purple. I'm barely ever squeamish about actual injuries unless it's in a place I feel uncomfortable and/or paranoid about (e.g. head, groin, feet), but...but.... ewwwah D: The bathrooms at my church are the most disgusting things ever. There's usually poo or pee all over the seats, and one time, I walked in and HOOOLY CRAAAPP someone took a HUUUGE dump in that toilet, it was at least a FOOT LONG and REALLY THICK. It was TERRIFYING. And the smell was SO AWFUL that I nearly vomited and I couldn't even go in the other stall. I ended up waiting more than thirty minutes to get back home because I couldn't stand it, even though I nearly wet myself with that wait
  2. In my dreams.... I once drove a zebra-striped golf cart around my school's old robotics lab with an Allosaurus chasing me. And by that, I mean literally driving around the building in circles, with the Allosaurus always close behind
  3. I know it's been mentioned before, but those poor mints, being forced to breed with stones and magmas
  4. Dragon's Code: hpo1 Name Proposed: Freeze Tag Breed of Dragon: Vine Stage of Dragon: Frozen genderless hatchling Description (optional): Other Things to be Said: Nuttin' Dragon's Code: 6Acs Name Proposed: Striperunner Breed of Dragon: Vine Stage of Dragon: Male adult Description (optional): A very loyal soul with a love for guarding people and things. Plays fetch if you throw a stick. c: Other Things to be Said: Nuttin'....
  5. Saw a vamp in the AP and.... believe it or not... misclicked Got stuck with a stone dragon instead.
  6. Tried once last year on a magi dragon, and it was a success. Tried this year on a stone and a swallowtail. Swallowtail was a success, stone was a fail (unfortunately).
  7. About 5'5", and still growing...
  8. I'm scared of just about everything, but especially fire. I utterly hate the heat, and my element is ice, besides. Also, what a fire burns, you don't get back-- and just imagine the flames licking up your body, slowly tearing you apart, melting flesh off you..... eeeuuurgh.
  9. I collect: Interesting rocks Charms/trinkets Dinosaur figurines (as accurate as I can find them) Dragon figurines EXPENSIVE dragon figurines (you know, the ones that are... only for display) Little scraps of things like electronics I refer to this stuff as my hoard.
  10. I've been lucky so far with injuries-- I make a point of being cautious. I potentially have carpal tunnel, though, and I once had to wear a brace on my wrist because it was sore; we think the carpal tunnel was the reason. It was't an injury, but I had to have seven teeth removed a few months ago. At the same time. Even the setup was horribly terrifying (all the equipment they hooked up to me.... and then they stuck an IV in my arm), and after it was done, it was SO painful-- for a whole week. Words can't describe that kind of pain. As if the braces weren't awful enough. I will never forgive them for that >.>