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  1. I think rather than 14,000 people PMing TJ to see if they had a place... that TJ would be better to send the email offers around again...
  2. Im not penalizing people for left over ornaments around the tree. We weren't told there was a specific editing rectangle that would show up everything within it so I'll not mark anyone down for stuff left behind. It's the tree itself that matters. I wish I'd known though... I'm not sure how tidy mine is around the edges lol, it could look like my bedroom... !
  3. My standard vote is a 5. really unappealing ones get lower, really good oens get higher. I voted one 10 (Someone did a Santa face).. did someone say 9.... thousand... trees....? Man noones even going to see all those. There will be trees that never get a vote unless the order they show in is random
  4. oh dear, I hope I tidied my 'room' enough that stray baubles dont show up on the tree...
  5. I no longer care about Xmas ornaments and new rare dragon prizes OMG i GOT A LEETLE TREE!@!!!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!
  6. precious few dropping though... only one round on the hour and one round every five mins...
  7. *droolz* holly eggs... wish my golds had come through last week for trade bait lol ooh my last year xmas one got me 4 eggies (all off to A cave), and the candy cane dragon got me 2 happy hunting people
  8. ooh thanks for the reassurances. I should get my last 20ish in. Man I hate timezones lol. Though I second the mention of having seen none for the last couple time slots...I wonder if that means something else interesting on the server.
  9. doh, knew I should not have gone to bed. I have 20 to go and 45 minutes remaining.. (assuming it ends midnight halloween your time)
  10. I have an inbred female alt black dragon. I traded a gold egg for her (on the promise it was NOT inbred) but I didnt check enough (eNORMOUS lineage and me low attention span). I"ve named her 'keepi;ng it in the family ' and I'll release her if I ever get another female alt black.
  11. me three, I missed them that year and regretted it ever since
  12. I actually believed the adults could protect younglings when I first played. I rearranged my scroll so that my eggs and hatchies would be surrounded in protective types (healer, shield, black, magi etc) to protect them from the vampies when they first came out lol
  13. I had not thought about the implications come rare egg release time... I dont think the limit should be raised from 2 to 3, it can be hard enough to grab the rares as it is. Most of the rares seem to be able to breed at that one time of year again the following year - I think that people should have to decide if they want an adult and a hatchie for example the year of issue, and if they want eggs too its upto them to breed the egg the following year and freeze it, or wait the following year to catch one and freeze it (assuming its the same run)
  14. I would be all for this idea, I already collect adult and hatchie sprites for each type and I'd collect an egg too for collection completion purposes
  15. I have not yet but I have a hatchie named 'chew' (caps messed up) that is sorely tempting me. Except its a silver I suspect will mature (if it has not already) before I can give it away as I've not been able to access my scroll for days
  16. shouldnt be that big of a coding fail though shoud it, IF unique views or clicks orwhatever = or greater than X number per Y timeframe THEN divert link to Z dragon..