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  1. Its not a complaint, I love these sites, it was just an observation and a request for confirmation ie; now I know it's not just my system but an actual thing happening lol. Ive just never noticed it happen before Thanks for the explanation.
  2. anyone find that overall (not just this hatchery) thier eggs arent getting the views they normally would? Im on 3 different sites and still only a couple hundred views, I've never had it move this slow before
  3. some of these eggs are so pretty, i wish we could 'blow' them and keep them
  4. *gigglz* looks like someone forgot to freeze their hatchies
  5. I might be going insane - but I thought I saw an announcement a little while ago for two headed dragons, I went nuts trying to find them in the cave, and checking the wikias for pictures of what I was supposed to be looking for, but couldn't find anything. Then just when I'd decided I was imagining things, this thread came up. So, am I nuts, or was there a pre release glitch that showed us more than it should have for just a short while of time?
  6. when i didn't need anything, i had a gold to spare, now i need it, got nothing lol
  7. Shewt, forgot all about it, now will have to wait till next year and there goes my special event run of all CBs well bred around 16 of all the old ones anyway, so hopefully helped out those who missed out in those years love love the flower thingy, a lovely touch thank you
  8. I thought my house was cute and sweet till I started browsing these other magnificent creations! Oh well, I'd still nibble mine in a heartbeat
  9. have ingredients stopped dropping now and ony recipes? Or is it just luck of the draw at the moment
  10. thank you varekis Yes I did put them in teleport links and posted on the giveaway thread (thought I could help someone catch up with a heap in one hit)
  11. is the gingerbread house part of the cooking thing? I dont have any referenfe to it anywhere showing up on any page of my scroll or the site
  12. arent excess xmas eggs supposed to abandon after half an hour? I already have my quota of two of each of the last four years dragons, and I bred them all this year - buit the ones I chose ot 'keep' are still on myscroll after several hours (I thought they'd have autoabandoned by now?)
  13. because they are fixed gender got mine, heaps now but were none right on the hour
  14. is the drop over alreDy? I seeing nothing in the caves
  15. ah youre freaking kidding me... I was ready and waiting on the PROPER day and then it had to go and get postponed because part of ONE country was having problems, now I've missed out altogether Why could it not have been left as it was, drop the PROPER time (and get most of the world out of the way) and a re run for those who couldnt make it, later in teh week when your weather systems settled down (would have been no skin off your nose since there are cap limits on these seasonals anyway). Would have given us a chance for once instead of competeing on laggy foreign internet with your local
  16. anyone know whjat the australian eastern daylight savings time will be? already got my hopes up seeing the google halloween game but realised it was just google aus since here the day is now upon us
  17. goodness what happened to 34 items lol, they started running again after nothing changing for a day or so
  18. doh, I am stuck at 31 and going round in circles trying to find what I missed, thank you for your confirmation
  19. how many haunted town items should there be? I hate these 'choose your own adventure thingies lol, but I've got less tahn 40 so I guess I'm not done yet!
  20. Oh I didn't think anything was on this year, I kept looking and looking, what a nice suprise
  21. Even just different sprite for second gender for each type would help with this. at least for a while as people catchup their scrolls
  22. Most definitely yes; I'd love it. And random releases of the alternate gendered sprite would also help some with the A cave as people catch up their sprite pairs
  23. These are some pretty nifty additions, thankyou. Just writing to let it be known of a few glitches (such as menus scrmbled, but I'll try compaitbility view) but also I just attempted to get some of those little pearl tiny eggs and was told it had been taken by someone else. When I finally got one though, and went to my sceroll to view it, turns out I'd got all the others I'd gone for as well lol, now have 3 instead of the 1 I needed. So the 'grab' messages may be out of whack