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  1. I have missed the release!
  2. damn the one weekend I'm away, did I miss one? or has it not happened yet. I'm no too phased about reslease times except to say that as they already were, the other half of the world (eg the half that is NOT the US) had half a chance to get in and out with their new eggs before the servers melt under the strain of the countless awaking americans vying for the same 3 eggs on a web page Wonder what colour these ones are. I need more orange hues lol
  3. how little features are added every year? Heck, new dragons every month. It's enough to keep me happy lol. Though I will admit, I'd love to see the gender sprite project roll out, and would also love to be able to 'blow' my eggs (eg so can keep a pretty egg sprite in each collection of dragons)
  4. oi, TJ, you slept in and forgot the freeze the babies lol
  5. 37 Got one of almost everything except Neglected, zombie, and the coppers
  6. I'd have given them all away if I'd realised we didn't keep them lol
  7. I have 2 different shades of pink gerbera daisy..
  8. did I read somewhere all the ones in our garden bed will disappear too!>>?? noooo
  9. The only thing I would possibly consider changing; would be a) install the ability to click the cards and flowers gifted to us (if the user kept their name visible) so that we could learn something about them (eg maybe they like certain colours in their collections etc) though this one is doable just copying and pasting their name and altering the link to your own page be able to view peoples garden (so if you are doing a return gift, you can choose something that they don't already have). I tried to click someones garden but the link was not clickable unless it was to my own.
  10. /callvote play this game for next years valentine again! love this
  11. I think this has been my favourite event ever, so lovely I don't think I'll have enough time to get all my plants matured though theyre all planted (can only visit DC once a day for an hour or so through the week nowadays) But still, loved it
  12. wish i'd paid attention to this earlier, I love my garden but have left it too late to fill it I think lol
  13. I love throwing stuff at people. Sorry! But I just do random, I have enough snow to take out a fort entirely but doing random spreads the love and no one suffers too much damage lol I cant fit any more stuff in my snow fort nwo
  14. how much longer do we have for building? I don't want to get stuck mid renovations with all the new bits to build with
  15. I put a call out to trade for a holly and had offers coming out of my earholes for hollies, everywhere, if people know you are looking they may be very generous now that there are many more of them than there used to be
  16. yeah maybe, ~Removed~/view/oVmJ[/url]
  17. Remember those Christmas dragons we had that matured different colour according to what area of the world we were in? (eg the wings were different) the 2009 one I think; Does anyone know, if I picked some out of the AP, would it mature only the same colour or could I get some with different wings?
  18. i have not many deaths (though I have one right now) a few successes that stay, and more successes that run away
  19. phew, all good. Took me long enough as it was to get the rest of my opals and the other red thing, would have hated for them to turn to mints and whites permanently lol
  20. glad yours is. I've got one egg return (the one above the yellow dino baby) but the rest are still confused..
  21. Its not a complaint, I love these sites, it was just an observation and a request for confirmation ie; now I know it's not just my system but an actual thing happening lol. Ive just never noticed it happen before Thanks for the explanation.