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  1. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a year where we could catch up anything we've missed? I got mucked around last year and the first time ever didn't make my complete haul. THis year i'm not sure I'll get there in time as there are so many and the timing seems further
  2. whoops... HOw'd I endup with 6 lol...
  3. very much so.. I've grabbed one too many lol
  4. I should have read this before I snared one lol
  5. having no luck whatsoever with the blue ones..
  6. wow.. I don't usually comment but I've just caught a peek at TJ's adults and they are gorgeous! Thank you
  7. how many more hours do I have, is it ... 3hr 10 mins? The spacing seems pretty close, I might get them done (except I have turf arriving shortly and a few hours work to do there lol). dashitall
  8. OMG I forgot! for the first time ever! Grand total of 1..
  9. *ugh* ... in here religiously week after week and the one weekend I forget to look, miss out on.. 4 different sprites...
  10. getting nowhere with this years .. I don't really get it. All I have is magic, I can't find anything anywhere to get the other categories and I can only move about 10 each day so no idea how some of you have managed to get so many items in your pictures already
  11. OOh I hope.. but then again i can't even win a chook raffle lol
  12. I think what I like best about this event is a) raffle chances (even chances for all not based on any judgement) and seeing all the artworks of the Xmas dragons past. The little draggy sprites are awesome but gee it's lovely seeing them in a full sized work of art, kind of shows more about them that we might not have been able to distinguish
  13. haha, don't be a smartypants and clear an entire row in the first attempt, nowhere to put the next tile lol
  14. just trying to remember if there was a November release I missed.. lol Anyway, I'll be offering breedings from my scroll if anyone is seeking past years Xmas dragons
  15. Do you have to wait a certain amount of time between killing your dragon, and trying to revive it?
  16. ok, so if eggs are droppihng, then it must be the 31st enough to be able to try a revive?
  17. I now wait up to 12 hours to post on hatcheries, any time. Is usually enough not to have any problems
  18. Thank you very much, you save me some time and disappointmet lol Ah well back to the drawing board to try again!
  19. can you tell they're yellow as soon as they are hatched? or do they develop colour when they gender? (have to fresh green hatchies I may as well get rid off if they aint going to yellow for me lol)
  20. oh dear, I abandoned my last weeks attempts thinking that theyd failed (the eggs were green), now, im guessing, you dont know what you've got till theyve hatched? lol
  21. oh no, I got all mine from Forest lol, I'll have to swap them away later I guess!
  22. Hope I don't catch 8 eggs and have to end up abandoning 6 because there was only one dragon variety (plus one kept to freeze) lol I am a bit sad about the non regular releases. I check the forum generally once a week but often the drop is done and dusted before I get there and I have to do it the hard way; I work a lot of hours and have trouble catching up
  23. These are seriously lovely eggs, both types! I so so so wish we could learn 'egg blowing' so we could keep eggs
  24. I very much like the way the year is incorporated on to the divider. Could the others be retro fitted with a year stamp too?
  25. omg I forgot all about it, but then a wormy egg caught my eye,and even then I didn't register.. lol