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  1. one day I would love if  eggs we've missed in prior years would be available for us to find and fill our collections. I've spent so many years on night shift, and other years having to work through the break that it has slipped my mind and I've run out of time... would love to complete my sets

  2. oh dear, my hatchies both gendered and matured while I was at work lol, I wanted a pair and a frozen hatchie, now i"ll have to wait till next year for the hatchie! Upside, there might be some wild born ones during the season in 2020....

  3. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a year where we could catch up anything we've missed? I got mucked around last year and the first time ever didn't make my complete haul. THis year i'm not sure I'll get there in time as there are so many and the timing seems further