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  1. one day I would love if eggs we've missed in prior years would be available for us to find and fill our collections. I've spent so many years on night shift, and other years having to work through the break that it has slipped my mind and I've run out of time... would love to complete my sets
  2. they're so cute, thanks for the giggle
  3. Must remember... (I'm working all the days)
  4. HAVE: female of the new release hatchie Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! WANT: male version
  5. oh dear, my hatchies both gendered and matured while I was at work lol, I wanted a pair and a frozen hatchie, now i"ll have to wait till next year for the hatchie! Upside, there might be some wild born ones during the season in 2020....
  6. doh, a new record low, 8 trick or treats lol. Ran out of time, too tired..
  7. I'm having awful long or erratic times between the trick or treat drops, is that normal now?
  8. omg whoever did the little black horse, wow, thank you... he looks so much like my Brambles who I owned for 21 yrs before he passed away in 2013 at the age of 27
  9. Never managed to get half my First july lot yet... I do wish these things would happene ralier in the weekend, or go for longer
  10. Darn got caught out by a musty lol
  11. still only managed to get one of the last release, let alone this one..
  12. omg I don't want to keep sending the same dragons, they get cranky lol
  13. I think my zombie looking one down bottom right, and the vain green chicky up the top left, she's sooking that her first one wasn't good enough and has gone out for more lol
  14. do you have to hit up each dragon twice before it'll fade out?
  15. Does anybody know what the maximum is if you managed to get every release? I 'm on 199 and I know I'm; missing a few but I'm not sure how many. Thank you
  16. Hi, I need a brisk emergency trade lol.. I have too many female of this years halloween release. HAVE female hatchie WANT male hatchie Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. CTRL F5 worked for me, thanks for that
  18. guessing I'm not the only one... all the inventory is suddenly wrong, my draggie has lost most of his clothes,
  19. i'M IN for a record low this year... silly me decided to go away for the weekend lol
  20. why do I have to be honest, of course I got eaten
  21. didnt get this game at all really... and Ican't even 'resume', no ability to move when back in to 'resumed' game
  22. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a year where we could catch up anything we've missed? I got mucked around last year and the first time ever didn't make my complete haul. THis year i'm not sure I'll get there in time as there are so many and the timing seems further
  23. whoops... HOw'd I endup with 6 lol...