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  1. dang.. i thought it was 7 days meaning I had one more... never mind! Made up a few years in one hit! Hoping it happens again next year, was great
  2. must be a complicated bit of coding to make this work though; each of us is individual in what we were lacking in past years, yet those eggs appear to us to find...
  3. you are correct I miscounted backwards from the bannered years (the early ones didn't have a date). 2010.
  4. thank you again so much for this... I'll only get 2021, 2020 and 2019 completed I think (busy work week) but hopefully this occurs again, and I'll eventually be able to get all my other half missed years (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2011) - which due to various upheavals and committments, I was unable to complete. It has been very uncomfortable for me looking at my incomplete collection 2011 was my first lot I think, dont think they started earlier but I could be wrong
  5. oh boy.. i have 205 to catch up on after the current release.. and I have one more day off of holiday before I have to work for 7 days straight (and some nights)...and I'll lose half of that day horsing lol. damn...
  6. mine are showing every 11 mins, almost on the buzzer (I have a computer timer set) I have a lot to catch up on and always too busy with work half the time to remember even to look
  7. oh, this is great! I had a couple of bad years where I didn't get to collect many at all *previously I had never missed one*, Im so pleased I'll hopefully be able to catch up (though I am on call from Tuesday... so I could still have a rotten run lol)
  8. HAVE blue first gen pure pred female gemshard, WANT same or close, but male Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! thank
  9. HAVE; caveborn green gemshard unknown gender hatchie, Seeking: caveborn blue male gemshard hatchie thank you Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. one day I would love if eggs we've missed in prior years would be available for us to find and fill our collections. I've spent so many years on night shift, and other years having to work through the break that it has slipped my mind and I've run out of time... would love to complete my sets
  11. they're so cute, thanks for the giggle
  12. Must remember... (I'm working all the days)
  13. HAVE: female of the new release hatchie Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! WANT: male version
  14. oh dear, my hatchies both gendered and matured while I was at work lol, I wanted a pair and a frozen hatchie, now i"ll have to wait till next year for the hatchie! Upside, there might be some wild born ones during the season in 2020....
  15. doh, a new record low, 8 trick or treats lol. Ran out of time, too tired..
  16. I'm having awful long or erratic times between the trick or treat drops, is that normal now?
  17. omg whoever did the little black horse, wow, thank you... he looks so much like my Brambles who I owned for 21 yrs before he passed away in 2013 at the age of 27
  18. Never managed to get half my First july lot yet... I do wish these things would happene ralier in the weekend, or go for longer
  19. Darn got caught out by a musty lol
  20. still only managed to get one of the last release, let alone this one..
  21. omg I don't want to keep sending the same dragons, they get cranky lol
  22. I think my zombie looking one down bottom right, and the vain green chicky up the top left, she's sooking that her first one wasn't good enough and has gone out for more lol
  23. do you have to hit up each dragon twice before it'll fade out?