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Paging owner of the scroll "EmpressEclipse"http://dragcave.net/user/coltzen

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    Hello, my name is Coltzen, which is also my scroll name. I've been playing since 09, but took several long hiatuses.

    My dragons: if you would like an offspring please just pm me! Some of my dragons can be very stubborn though.

    Ultimate dream: CB male silver. Will trade hundreds of hatchies of breeds I can breed/catch.
    -CB Ice
    -CB Magma
    -CB BBW eggs or any linaged BBW hatchies
    -PB even gen reds unrelated to mine
    -pinks from old pinkxfrill
    -metallic silvers
    -CB Brine/musty
    -5th gen EG black with golds as mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/Xrume
    -interesting linages

    PM me if you have any of these with what you're looking for :)

    My IOUs are on my dinos.