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  1. Anyone else having troubles with ice walls overlapping things they're supposed to be behind?
  2. I'm super against this idea. I've come back from a long hiatus recently. Can you imagine my surprise when I found someone trading away a 2G Gold from Holly for CB hatchlings? Or when I discovered the points system that allows you to BUY dragons? Or when I stepped into the Halloween biome and loaded up with CB's of all the dragons I never thought I'd be able to obtain again? Prizes were already becoming more common before I disappeared, but the amount of growth there shocked me, too. I'm not saying any of these were bad changes; just startlingly generous. Maybe (likely not, but just maybe) I would have supported this idea before all those updates, but now? The dragons of your dreams aren't just dreams anymore! I think those implementations have made it plenty easy to get what you want from the Cave without making adult dragons tradeable. As for having a way to get rid of them, people have already mentioned that you can release them into the Wild (or is Wilderness? I've been gone too long!) If a dragon's bad enough that you can't stand having it on your scroll, I can't see a lot of others wanting it, either, except to boost their trophy (which is another aspect of the game that would take a hit if this went through). I just see this system being abused by malicious players more than being used by benevolent ones. I think it'd be used for trading more than gifting, and (in my opinion) it'd be game-breaking.
  3. @SockPuppet Strangler That's a very valid point. I'll amend that now! Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. @Rainbowlight Donors are not obligated to hatch eggs for you. As requesting a specific gender of a dragon requires them hatching said dragon for you, we do not allow gender-specific requests. I will add you to the Shallow Water and Purple lists momentarily, though!
  5. You guys are lucky. Mine's a dud! But seriously, so happy to have snatched a word code and a perfect palindrome! Now to dig through all my other code pygmies and pick a suitable mate. @.@
  6. Forum Name: Chanilove Scroll Name: Chanilove Egg's Code: QTDAD Egg's Breed: Olive Time of Unfog: Now Time of Death: 11:13:30 Current V/UV/Clicks: 693/130/5 Result: Hatched normal, five seconds before TOD.
  7. Chanilove

    Cool Codes

    nYLOn and g1oVE just refused. I think I'm going to die. D:
  8. I received a gorgeous gift from an old friend today. The best gift of all was being remembered by said friend after taking such a long hiatus, though. <3
  9. I sorry I misgendered (I have so many dragons that have done that and not one of them has given me such a well-deserved apology.) I couldn't help myself. Check his code!
  10. SWIGGITY SW00TY Because I didn't even need to read the next two names to know what they were going to say.
  11. I've went with a surname of "Manic" on mine, though I may change it when I'm feeling more creative.
  12. I love these dragons. :3 I've given all sixteen of mine the Manic surname and matching "m" given names. Oh consonance. <3
  13. Hello, fellow NaNoWriMo participants! I don't have a plot, theme, or even a setting, really... just a title and a few character sheets. I think I'm just going to start them all off at a masquerade ball, somehow get the protagonist tossed in jail, and let the characters write the rest until they're all out of ideas. That way I can put off having to rely on my own cunning (or lack thereof) for as long as possible! If anyone needs someone to bounce ideas off of or whatever, I'm here for you. In fact, I'm here way more than I should be. *tabs back into Word*
  14. Holiday Breeder Forum Name: Chanilove What I can breed: Click here to see my list of holidays. <3 Pumpkins - 3EG from checkers with male Pygmies. Black Marrows - 3EG checker with male Blacks, 3EG checker with male Embers x2, 3EG checker with female Embers, 3EG checker with male Magmas, and 3EG checker with male Tan Ridgewings. Shadow Walkers - 3EG checker with female Guardians, 3EG checker with male Luminas, 3EG checker with female Luminas, 3EG checker with female Tan Ridgewings, 3EG checker with male Royal Blues, 3EG checker with female Stripeds. Cavern Lurkers - 2G's; I have four male and three female CB's I can breed. None of them have set mates and I have most breeds as CB's on my scroll, including metallics (I have 1 male CB Gold, 1 female CB gold, and three CB Silvers of each gender). I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Both. I'll be trading what I can and gifting what I can't when the season's almost out. :3 As for what I'd like to trade them for, I'll look at any offers. I don't like holiday x holiday (PB's included), unbreedables, or Tinsels higher than 4G and I greatly prefer that bred dragons have named parents. I am especially interested in low-generation Tinselfails, CB pygmies with nifty codes, mates for holidays/metals, hatchlings I need for scroll completion, and holidays from pretty pairings. *pokes signature* PM Link: <3 Scroll Link: <3
  15. Before I went on hiatus, I put a couple requests in at the EG and Metal Maniacs threads. I never received much help. I'll try again, though. It can't hurt and I'm desperate to find mates for all these darn lonely dragons of mine, even if I'll never be able to trade their offspring off. Thanks again for all your help!
  16. I have a hard time finding the things I want through others. I haven't seen anyone with a set of hatchlings up for trade or anyone with mates for my metals/holidays. Since they're from specific lineages, I don't expect to just happen upon someone with one or more of those. People don't usually keep Tinselfails to trade, either, or look for codes on pygmies. I do ask for PM's and poke my signature, but no bites so far. T_T It's just so frustrating! I don't like keeping offspring from my dragons on my scroll because I'm afraid I'll accidentally inbreed and it's so difficult finding someone I trust to name them to gift them to. I'm going to try this doc. If I still can't get any trades, I guess I'll just stop breeding/trading altogether and just focus on finishing up some lineages. Thanks for all your responses.
  17. Slow I'd understand, but with five Silvers, two Golds, and this Copper I've only received three offers. I ended up trading a 4G Gold hatchling from a stair for a messy Nebula hatchling just because I wanted her off my scroll before she grew up. The rest I've either AP'd, gifted, or released after they matured. When I used to play actively, I'd always have a lot of offers on 2G Silvers. I haven't received a single one on my current 2G Silver. It'll be hatching soon and I'm beginning to think it's not even worth setting up another teleport for it. Thanks for your help, though. I'm making the document now. I guess we'll see what happens.
  18. I'm missing so many because I went on hiatus for a little over a year. If I listed them all, the post would be huge and I feel like it's long enough already. I don't want to discourage people from reading it. I'll try making a list in a doc and linking to it, but I sincerely doubt anyone's going to take the time to look at that, either. I am aware that the browns are worth the least, which is why I mentioned them in passing before writing a heavy list of other things I'd accept for it. Thanks for your reply.
  19. I feel like no one can even see my posts. I've offered PB EG Silvers, a 2G Silver, a 2G Copper from Silver, and a CB Copper. This is what I've been asking for: Am I being unfair? I don't know how I can go lower than that without practically giving them away. So far I've been forced to gift two PB Silvers and one grew up on my scroll while I was waiting for offers -- I had to release it since I already have two from that pairing and it just feels so wasteful! Are Silvers/Coppers not rare anymore? Everything in the trading threads suggests they are but this is getting a little disheartening. I'm about to stop bothering to breed them. :\
  20. Chanilove

    Z Project

    Here's a Z-code CB Dark Myst pygmy. I wasn't able to find any trades for it, but it's all caps and kinda looks like he's asking if "you're zee DJ." ZDJRU
  21. That all 2G Tinselfails would automatically be transported to my scroll upon being bred. 8D
  22. I'm reorganizing my scroll and the way I name my dragons. I might be getting rid of my Pokemon-related TM names, though I'm not too sure what to ask for them. The ones I have are as follows, with the dragon breeds I intended them for in parentheses (if I end up giving the names to you, you are by no means required to put them on the specified dragon breeds; I've simply included them as suggestions): TM01 Hone Claws (Olive) TM02 Dragon Claw (Seragamma) TM02 Headbutt (Greenwing) TM02 Razor Wind (Ridgewing) TM03 Curse (Cavern Lurker) TM03 Swords Dance (Seawyrm Pygmy) TM03 Water Pulse (Water) TM04 Calm Mind (White) TM04 Rollout (Stone) TM04 Whirlwind (Ridgewing) TM05 Mega Kick (Horse) TM05 Roar (Thunder) TM06 Toxic (Olive) TM07 Hail (Ice) TM07 Horn Drill (Harvest) TM07 Zap Cannon (Electric) TM08 Body Slam (Guardian) TM08 Bulk Up (Guardian) TM08 Rock Smash (Stone) TM09 Bullet Seed (Vine) TM09 Psych Up (Purple Dorsal) TM09 Take Down (Guardian) TM09 Venoshock (Olive) TM10 Double Edge (Two-Headed) TM10 Hidden Power (Nilia Pygmy) TM11 Sunny Day (Vine) TM12 Sweet Scent (Black Tea) TM12 Taunt (Red Dorsal) TM12 Water Gun (Waterhorse) TM13 Ice Beam (Ice) TM13 Snore (Pillow) TM14 Blizzard (Ice) TM15 Hyper Beam (Lumina) TM16 Icy Wind (Ice) TM16 Light Screen (Sunrise) TM16 Pay Day (Gold) TM17 Protect (Guardian) TM18 Bubblebeam (Water Horse) TM18 Counter (Guardian) TM18 Rain Dance (Thunder) TM19 Giga Drain (Vine) TM19 Telekinesis (Magi) TM20 Endure (Guardian) TM20 Rage (Gray) TM20 Safeguard (Guardian) TM21 Frustration (Gray) TM21 Mega Drain (Vine) TM22 SolarBeam (Vine) TM23 Dragon Rage (Water) TM23 Iron Tail (Guardian) TM23 Smack Down (Brimstone) TM24 DragonBreath (Water) TM24 Thunderbolt (Thunder) TM25 Thunder (Thunder) TM26 Earthquake (Green) TM27 Fissure (Green) TM28 Dig (Spitfire) TM29 Psychic (Purple Dorsal) TM30 Shadow Ball (Red Dorsal) TM30 Teleport (Magi) TM32 Double Team (Two-Headed) TM33 Ice Punch (Ice) TM33 Reflect (Guardian) TM34 Shock Wave (Thunder) TM34 Swagger (Gold) TM35 Flamethrower (Ember) TM37 Sandstorm (Spitfire) TM38 Fire Blast (Magma) TM39 Rock Tomb (Stone) TM39 Swift (Whiptail) TM40 Aerial Ace (Ridgewing) TM40 Defense Curl (Guardian) TM41 Softboiled (Chicken) TM41 Torment (Red Dorsal) TM42 Dream Eater (Daydream) TM43 Sky Attack (Ridgewing) TM44 Rest (Pillow) TM45 Attract (Heartseeker) TM45 Thunder Wave (Thunder) TM46 Thief (Misfit Pygmy) TM47 Low Sweep (Whiptail) TM48 Fire Punch (Ember) TM48 Rock Slide (Stone) TM49 Snatch (Misfit Pygmy) TM49 Tri Attack (Guardian of Nature) TM50 Nightmare (Cavern Lurker) TM50 Overheat (Ember) TM51 Roost (Ridgewing) TM54 False Swipe (Whiptail) TM55 Brine (Blusang) TM58 Sky Drop (Ridgewing) TM59 Dragon Pulse (Hellfire) TM59 Incinerate (Ember) TM61 Will-O-Wisp (Pygmy) TM62 Acrobatics (Ridgewing) TM62 Silver Wind (Silver) TM63 Embargo (Misfit Pygmy) TM65 Shadow Claw (Cavern Lurker) TM66 Payback (Neglected) TM69 Rock Polish (Stone) TM71 Stone Edge (Stone) TM72 Avalanche (Ice) TM72 Volt Switch (Electric) TM74 Gyro Ball (Day Glory) TM76 Stealth Rock (Stone) TM78 Captivate (Silver) TM79 Dark Pulse (Red Dorsal) TM79 Frost Breath (Ice) TM82 Dragon Tail (Whiptail) TM83 Natural Gift (Pygmy) TM84 Poison Jab (Olive) TM86 Grass Knot (Vine) TM88 Pluck (Chicken) TM91 Flash Cannon (Golden Wyvern) TM92 Trick Room (Pillow) TM93 Wild Charge (Brute) TM95 Snarl (Tri-horn)
  23. I have never been on a train, but we have a track that goes through our little town (er, more like a village, actually...) Ever since I read The Christmas Train by David Baldacci, I've wanted to ride one as a passenger. It sounds like such an interesting experience. My mom's boyfriend works for a train company and travels all the time as a result. If I wasn't a mom, that would be a job for me!
  24. Thanks to everyone who responded to my post! I kinda poofed for a bit, but it's nice to read them now. I need all the positivity I can get. James passed away two days ago in hospice. We still don't know who did it and, to be honest, it doesn't even feel like the detectives are trying. I was the one that knew him best and the one that last talked to him -- I was on the phone with him when it happened -- and the detectives still haven't contacted me. I've tried to contact them, but they didn't return my call. This makes me sick to my stomach. I know they're probably busy but it's been a month. The arsonist is still out there somewhere. I'm probably being irrational with grief, but I really just wanna take it to the media right now. They love a good story about lazy cops and then, at least, they would have my story in some form or another. It's just downright upsetting that this person killed two absolutely wonderful people, two young men who held jobs, never complained about anything, and were always doing what they could to help people, and he/she's getting away with it.
  25. I have a Pink here descended from Wect and Fadb. Please name it if you claim it. :3