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    Everything below is way out-of-date. I went a long, intermittent hiatus. If you'd like to PM me about a trade or breeding request, go ahead! I'm checking in here as often as I can. I just won't be posting much because I'm not a fan of what the forum "upgrade" does to my BB-codes now and I find the WYSIWYG editor to be clunky and counter-intuitive. Boo, Invision! >:(

    Personal Lineage Projects:
    http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=88421&view=findpost&p=6456440 (out-of-date)

    http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455&view=findpost&p=6482988 (out-of-date)

    G I F T I N G

    +I will breed most things excluding my CB metallics for listers at the Newbie Gifting Project.
    +My BSA's are generally reserved for listers at the BSA Gifting thread.
    +I'm prone to Glomp Gift when bored. ;) Beware!

    If you're a lister at either of these threads and would like to request a dragon from my scroll, please PM me! I promise I don't bite. I love helping others. :3 I'm also more than willing to help out others with breeding projects when I can.

    I am seeking 2G Solstices and a low-gen Holly IOU for the Christmas season. I greatly prefer named parents. Please PM me to see what I have to offer or check the links below.

    Metals I can breed:

    Halloweens I can breed: