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 I accept & honor IOU's!

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    I am willing to breed most dragons (excluding my CB metallics and CB prize) for free.

    I am willing to breed my CB prize (female Silver Shimmer) and CB metallics for priority trades.

    My wishlist is out-of-date, but I am currently collecting: 2 CB's of each breed I haven't already collected, CB pygmies with neat codes, 2G prizekin from female Silver Shimmers, and 2G Tan Ridgewings from male Tan Ridgewing x female Silver.

    I rarely accept dragons from unnamed parents and I do my best to name all of my non-code dragons. I use several different surnames (primarily Clovet, formerly Entwistle) to keep my dragon organized and I love seeing their offspring named.

    *A gift from me should never be a burden.* If it's not something you want or if you don't have space for it, please let me know. I'm not going to get upset. I'm fully aware that I sometimes get carried away.

    I don't bite, I promise! If you have questions about anything or just want to chat, my inbox is open. If I don't reply on here in a timely fashion, please don't be afraid to message me on Discord. ♥