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  1. I saw a cute tree where the dragon figurines were carrying the ornaments. <3 Gave that one an eight. My favorite thus far.
  2. If you miss a day or two, will you still be allowed to enter you tree? I know I'll be busy and probably won't even have time to log in when school starts back up again. D8
  3. I'm nowhere near new, but when I was twelve- back in '08- I knew nothing about fansites. Almost all my dragons died, including my first holidays, the Yulebecks. D= I finally raised three up to adulthood- two black dragons with messy lineages and an autumn seasonal.
  4. Wolf-hybrids can be anywhere from one percent to ninety-nine percent wolf. ;p The pups of these wolves tend to be more energetic and wild than most dogs, and require a bit more care. However, it's perfectly possible for two pups of the same wolf-hybrid litter to emerge with opposite personalities. I support the owning of exotic creatures and exotic creature hybrids, so long as the person has the time, research, and dedication to care for one. ;p Anyway, I do like wolves. But they're not my favorite animal. I dislike dogs. I like wolves a bit more, and like cats more than wolves. Above all
  5. Bright Breasted Wyverns. 'o.o And very recently, the Flamingo Wyverns.
  6. KeM0- Kemonozume, which is apparently an anime. ;p (Female Ochredrake) That's pretty much it.
  7. christmawolf


    Not sure how popular this book is, or if people even like it. But seriously, if you haven't read it than read it now. You're missing out. o.o It's by Brandon Mull, and it's fantasy. Anyway, in regards to the poll... what do you rate it, on a scale of 1-10, ten being the most? ^.^
  8. I enjoyed Twilight, but it isn't my most favorite book. ;p I'll read anything. However, I have to say that Bella is very annoying. She's smart, pretty, and has absolutely no flaws that make people hate her; same as Edward. Jacob is an example of a quality character, as are Jasper and Rosalie. They all have their flaws and their good parts, unlike Bella and Edward. ;p But I have to say, Eragon's been my hero ever since fourth grade. 8D The beginning is kinda shaky, sure, but later on it really straightens out and turns into an epic plot. Don't watch the movie until you've read the book; th
  9. Member No.: 13,968 Joined: September 12, 2008 I believe that makes me a Teacher. ;p *Goes back to double-check*
  10. That's been bothering me... does it mean that the purple ones are rarer or that there may later be an alt form? O.o -Wild guess- Or is it something that the describers just put in randomly?
  11. Omaigoodness. O.O I'm going to make an army of one of them... I just have yet to decide which. I have a purple and a flamingo right now. Still need the other one. Dx Butseriously, thanks so much! 8D *Glomps flamingo*
  12. Pink one... Flamingo Dragon?! O.O *Seriously hopes so* Can't guess the others, though. Thanks so much for the release!~ ^.^
  13. I do believe in helping the enviornment, but... the ice caps are bigger than they were a hundred years ago. =p I don't believe that this "Global Warming" is caused by humans, if it ever does truly does happen. 8D My neighbors are complete slobs. They have three fridges and five grills scattered around their front yard, plastic bottles laying all around their property, etc. Their property borders my family's. I'll be walking through the woods- we have a ton of trees and forests where I live, as well as a creek- and I'll trip over a glass bottle or run into a tree with a used napkin from Wa
  14. Usually I find that people who name their dragons in another language tend to get better choices for their naming scheme.~ ^.^ Almost all of mine, aside from the originals, have Japanese names that sound more like made-up words. :3 Just a suggestion.~ ^.^
  15. We do- as you said- the overhyped comedy version. I doubt that there's truly a British/English reigon with an accent like it- it's more of a mixture of both accents. We talk like that as a joke. =3 And I'm not very familiar with many of the different British accents. ^.^ I hardly know most of the American accents, lol. So perhaps there is a reigon sounding like that, but I honestly wouldn't know.
  16. I had no idea that there were so many people from all around the world on here. But anyway, my friends and I can do epic English and British accents; but they're overexaggerated quite a bit. My favorite accent is a Jamacian accent. 8D They just sound so cool. I can also do a Spanish accent, 'cause I've been taking Spanish since fourth grade. =3 Good thing, too, because of the increasing amounts of Spanish-speaking people cropping up here. O.o
  17. Holy crud. That's a lot of dinos. O.o Just hope I can get that much luck when I start my Thunder/Ice/Magma army.
  18. If I ever get a dino... I am freezing it. I never freeze dragons, but I just have to have that cute little guy on my scroll.~ ^.^
  19. I dislike dinos- though I am looking for them because they are necessary for my scroll- but I do like the yellow hatchling and purple adult. ^.^ However, I LOVE chickens. So I voted for the chicken.
  20. Do you know your accent? =3 There's always a different one depending on the country, but it really varies from area to area. You can probably tell visiting other places in your native country. For example, my aunt and cousins are only a state over and have a distinct accent. They live up in Maryland. And when someone out-of-state comes to our school, they always sound just a bit different. Anyway, I checked up on all the accents around my area to see which sounded the most familiar- aka: the accent that I can't pick up. Apparently it's a (North?) Virginian accent. Anyone who's heard that
  21. I would love it if that happened with my eggs. But it never really does. What stinks, though, is when you look back and realize that one of your dragon's children is frozen. D8 I honestly hate it when people do that. I personally think that if someone picks up an egg from the AP that has parents, it's best not to freeze the resulting hatchling. O.o You never know if the original breeders are still watching.
  22. My username is Lome518 on DragCave. The dragon named Lome is a female night glory with two children.~ ;o The night glory was hatched very recently, too. o.o Back in late June of this year. I have a female new pink named after me that grew up the day after my birthday. o.o My birthday is May 18th. The dragon grew up on May 19th. Butanyway... First: Female [new] pink, no children (first name is Caroline) Middle: Female vine, two children and not inbred (middle name is Linda) Last: Male guardian, one child. (Not telling you guys my last name )
  23. Just picked up a black eggie and bit it. Saving it for someone else.~ ^.^ I've also tried to snag some black hatchies, but I was always too late. >.< Hopefully the people who got them froze them.
  24. I. Despise. Spottedleaf. She's such a stalker, and she's dead. She needs to get the heck out of the books. >.< And Firestar. They're just so annoying I want to wring their necks. They're too PERFECT. >.< I hate all of ThunderClan aside from Cloudtail. ThunderClan never does any wrong, aside from in Bluestar's Prophecy. And then they had their own special intentions for doing it. But... I love ShadowClan. So. Much. Though, I do wish that Tawnypelt would pick up her kits and get her rear out of there. Kinkfur is my all-time favorite character. <3
  25. "I, Christmawolf/lome518 (scroll name), resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow" But I have been biting vamp eggs for gifts, and sometimes Earthquake goes wrong. I can't stop biting, but I'll try to limit the amount of times I use Earthquake. I can assure you that I won't kill needlessly, though. ^.^