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  1. I want to have a Scroll Helper! Forum Name: JustJessie94 Scroll Name: JustJessie94 Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/JustJessie94 Wishlist: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...0entry5597977 Preferred dragons : Really need some CB nebulas, I need a red to continue my gold Tinsel lineage. Certain Helper? : Anything else?: Any and all help would be appreciated!
  2. Since i'm relatively new, I can't make many IOU's for breeding. I did, however, make one IOU with catching the new halloween release, and ended up having 7 on my scroll, and trading away another 5, a few for IOU's of hatchies. Since it's just a game, I won't be too upset if they don't follow through though. I would simply be sure to never make a deal with that person again C:
  3. 2nd description. First got approved, but I forgot to check for user comments This dragon is a professional party-goer. Rave Riot comes from the long line of Riots, but is known as "Rave" because of his love of black-lights, techno music, and pretending to know how to dance. His yellow stripes glow under black-lights, and he couldn't be prouder of them. Often times, he can be seen almost strutting around the treetops, showing of his bright green and yellow coloring to other breeds of Rioteers. Despite his love for raves, Rave Riot never has done, or ever will do, drugs or alcohol of any type. Adrenaline is his high. Reject: I love it but unfortunatly doesn't fir description guidelines. medieval theme, so no black lights etc. sorry :( Accept: >.< There are naturally occurring black-light type things? Glow worms and such.
  4. I was just given a couple common hatchies this morning. Worked fine for me.
  5. Just because there's a 50% chance, doesn't mean it will happen 50% of the time.
  6. Same problem, different cause. My internet at home is fine, but unfortunately I have to be at school all day and their internet is the worst D: EDIT: Wasn't asking people to offer me eggs, sorry if that's what it sounded like Just a bit of venting.
  7. The comet. It's in the observatory above the attic. Where do you get the chicken? It's the only think I'm missing >.<
  8. I opened my scroll and squealed (hehe dorky) at the leetle tree. So cute! This is my first holiday on DC (: I can't wait to get some holiday dragons!!
  9. Just dropped a mint, ochedrake, and sunrise hatchie. MUAHAHAHAHA
  10. As soon as I get a bronze trophy, I'll help out with this! I love seeing hatchies in the AP, although I never can grab them.
  11. I have a mint hatchie with the code H4PpV, like Happy. I think it's cute, and very appropriate for the dragon (: Not sure if I wanna name this one.
  12. 16th gen Stone Dragon Dorkface I think.