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  1. I have been playing the lottery every time since it started, and have been playing DC for a decade, almost since the beginning...and never expected to win anything... Then I won a bronze tin in my birthday month november 😀 And I won again on New Years Eve, my absolute favourite, the silver shimmer 😍 Ive had a rough year, to say it least... but this made me smile and belive I can have some great luck as well, even if I havent before. Might sound stupid... but this game and my luck gave me some hope I havent had for a long time ❤ Thanks.... ❤ And congrats to fellow winners! 😀
  2. Ah, I see... Thats a whole other question, indeed...
  3. I have two sec gens, and some other higher gens https://dragcave.net/lineage/rYHt8 and https://dragcave.net/lineage/eu94p Usually breed for trading or swaps, sometimes gifting.
  4. There was a question about two prizes bred together, if they would always get one kind of offspring, either tinsel or shimmer (or kin, of course).... This answers that https://dragcave.net/progeny/L5XAJ And my prize Vitiris is about to grow up as well, hope to be lucky on her willngness to breed
  5. Ah, those where the Days *Walking down memorylane* I have also a couple of CB Original Vamps
  6. True. And I find all the puzzling and experiencing in this tread exiting 😁
  7. I did 😊 And since most that commented seemed to be offended by the post, I wanted to say I agree. Its a game we play several different ways, and one is not more correct than the other. One is allowed to both play and comment different than the mainstrmainstream. Oh, and Im also one of those 24/7 working nurses, but I still play 🙂
  8. Leneth.

    Warning points?

    Thanks, Lady Lyzar Nice to be able to be here without the reminder that I was naughty in some way I dont remember seven years ago
  9. Leneth.

    Warning points?

    Are warning points there forever? I mean, I got one point back in 2011, dont remember what for ... But its kind of sad seeing this every time I open the forums, especially since I dont remember what I did, and its been so many years... Will it be there for ever?
  10. Have CB Yulebuck from 08 ready to breed with mate of your choice. Also two sec gen thuweds (Albino and Dark Myst Pygmie) ready to breed. Willing to breed other stuff (CB golds, silver , CBs Vampires ready to bite etc) Signature applies. Want CB Hollie. (Working 24/4 in hospital this christmas, no time for real hunting, sadly) Pm me.
  11. Ok, Guess its a waiting-game for now then, until the lagging wears off after the halloween-event Thanks for replying!
  12. I use grid custom sort, and when I hit *save* after rearanging my dragons, it goes to *Bad Gateway* Is this due to the Cave being laggy after the drop, or is this an issue for more players than me?
  13. Sounds good (Only thing... I was really sad when I read that Table Custom sort will be retired, as this is the only thing I feel at home with when sorting my dragons... ) Never mind, lol, I use the Grid one
  14. Pink from Volcano is "This egg is covered in mysterious patterns" The green and blue are both "This heavy egg has a soft, yielding shell." and is found in forrest, jungle and coast Good luck hunting them
  15. I have a few CB Vampires (not bitten) that rarely bites, and when my Lady finally did bite an egg, it got abandoned to ap Yay me. Stats for the last month give or take. Three bites. One dead, one abadoned and one stayed.
  16. Sharing the love Thuwed third gen from aprils fool *s*
  17. Nice eggs and hatchlings, im exited to see them as adults
  18. This pink is also from my rare breedingspree this morning
  19. The pink/frill-egg is from my stock, happy to see it has found a new home It was a project of mine, i had to abandon as there is no easy task finding enough frills and bright pinks to make mates for the ones i have All the Lenxx(females)/Lenxy(males)-lineages are from my scroll, btw I collect purly nice and special lineages, and go on a breeding-spree rarely now, so consider yourself lucky *lol*
  20. I had to ask in irc if anyone knew anything about the breeding-ratios for the tins, as i havent been able to get an egg from mine for weeks. They directed me into here, so im just putting in my two cents down as well... I have quite a list of tins, and they have been too stubborn for several weeks now, all of them.
  21. I remember back when there was just one cave, trading was pure luck and a fast finger, and you had no way of influence neither hatchspeed, gender or your chanses of an egg... The black where caveblockers, together with the bright pink, and there where no such thing as summoning The cave has come a long way from that Looking forward to the new changes.
  22. Im from Norway, and as a norwegean, "Freedon of Speach" is so important that i would fight with my life to protect that. Over history, its been proven so many times that when someone gives a smaller group the power to controll information, things often go bad... down hill surprisingly fast. Why is it, that the U.S. Congress belives theire people not to be able to choose for themselves what information they need, and what sites they want to visit...? Why is it, that the U.S. Congress feels abowe the rest of its people, whom they are supposed to get theire orders from...? Its good to see the U.S people standing up to get their voices heard... after all, its their voices that supposebly rules the politicions that again rules the country. You have a support from up north in rainy Bergen, Norway.