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  1. ((Please try to write at least 5 detailed sentences, or preferably more... Okiez? ^^))
  2. ((You don't need all those enters because the same person is talking. Storms laughter subsided into giggles, "He's such a chicken! Also, his sister is older than him, so you can relax a bit Shimmer." She grinned at the dragons. "Thanks; I needed a good laugh!" she said. Like that. If you added a bit more detail to this so that the post wouldn't be short, then it would be a wonderful semi-lit post. ^^))
  3. ((Please try to think about grammar and spelling, too... *hugs Khal* 0-0))
  4. ((Hey, could I ask you guys to try to write at least 5 sentences please? Otherwise, I'll have to ask you to put illiterate in the title of this roleplay. That would be too bad, because a few posts are quite good... Please don't degrade this roleplay.))
  5. ((Some posts are a bit short... ^^ Warewolves, Ladynightstalker101 and yukinflake, could you try to write posts which match the length of CowlRaven's and Sinder's posts? Their posts are semi-literate and I think that this whole thread is supposed to be semi-lit as well.))
  6. Forum doesn't start with a capital letter. It should be 'Out of Character' and 'OoC'. You do not capitalize words the 'of', 'a' or 'the' in titles or shortened words. 'Like' doesn't need to start with a capital letter. It should either be 'Kingswood' or 'King's wood'. I don't understand why you capitalize dragons and riders while you do not capitalize humans or dwarves. They're just normal nouns, they do not need capital letters. The grammar of this sentence is wrong. 'Etc.' followed by 'and dwarves'? That's a mistake. Et cetera includes dwarves, so you can leave the 'and dwarves' out. " " are for talking. ' ' are for words like barbarians. Knights doesn't need to be capitalized. Now why do you capitalize 'elves'? And 'wood', 'sea' and stuff like that? You don't need to. Magic doesn't need to be capitalized either. Your explanation is good, but your grammar needs to be polished. ^^ Could you correct similar mistakes?
  7. ((2 sentences? Nope. That's illiterate. 5 sentences is the semi-lit minimum.))
  8. ((Spat = Great Exodus. That's what the people who left (including me) called it. But now I'm back. Along with some people who left as well... Approved as a semi-lit roleplay.))
  9. But Dusky. That would mean that OOC had two Cs in it... Nope. You're right. It can be left out sometimes.
  10. ((Now, every roleplaying mod is allowed to add his/her own two cents. Slifer? Well... I suggest that you wait for an approver to tell you that you should apply. He's not an approver. Okay, thank you, I'll look at it again as soon as possible...))
  11. ((Yeah, funny faces! ^^ I usually try to use them because people don't bite my head off if they see them... That's what I have noticed. But sometimes they don't fit my serious mood... Yes, it's important... But there's nothing what I can do because the older roleplays have been approved by others who clearly don't know about this rule or sleep during English. If people get used to shortened words like that... Well... Let's hope that I'll be able to start a 'new trend'. This is why I gave up on the 'you don't need a comma before and' thing as well. It was just too tiring to repeat the same thing over and over again. 0-0; Sometimes I just feel like saying 'it's 1 AM, what are the other approvers doing?'. I usually make typos during this time if I don't bèta read my posts... I'd like to go and sleep, but otherwise these roleplays won't get approved forever. :/ (Lor, being serious is boring. Be half silly instead! 8D))
  12. ((Dense? I don't know you good enough and I don't judge people immediately. Yes, the shortened words rule. It probably has a real name, but for clarity's sake I've renamed it. Like... OoCC (Out of Character Comments) or LotR (Lord of the Rings). Unfortunately, people always misspell OoCC and write it as OOC which is wrong. It could stand for Out of Character though - but that would be wrong too; Words like 'of' are always written without a capital letter in a shortened version of a word. RP stands for roleplay. PM for Personal Message. That means that 1 word which consists of 2 different meanings doesn't need a space between the two capital letters - nor do two words. End of the explanation. Friends? I had the feeling that you disliked me. I'm doing my job, that's why I'm here... Otherwise, I'd have avoided you. But I'm a bit over sensitive to written words as a writer, so I'm all to blame.))
  13. ((You have the right to believe in what you think... But I have that right too. It does not convince me because I have been told otherwise. Because I dislike baby feeding. Really. You're supposed to be able to find them on your own by now. People don't learn anything if I correct everything. They just copy paste what I write and do not pay special attention to it. It's a vicious circle. RP and PM are grammatical rules. A full stop is also known as a period. But I have posted a.s.a.p..))
  14. ((I can still find words which lack capital letters. RP, PM. And the posting rule isn't up. “races” should be 'races'. You forgot this. You forgot this as well. You forgot the full stop.))
  15. The sentences go on, so the letter after the (s don't need to be capitalized. What rating are you shooting for? Semi-lit? Lit? Semi-lit: minimum posting requirement of 5 detailed sentences. Lit: minimum posting requirement of at least 2 paragraphs of at least 5 detailed sentences in each. The cookie method seems to be working... <3
  16. ((Kira1, you haven't corrected anything what I've asked you to... Why not, if I may ask? Should I get out of this roleplay and leave it to Kja? I don't mind.))
  17. You have this thing for forgetting capital letters. RP is the shortened form of roleplay so it's written with capital letters. You need a full stop there. This is another example of capitalization mistakes. You forgot another full stop. It's a nice roleplay, but it doesn't have any sufficient posting requirements. The minimum post requirement for a semi-lit roleplay is 5 detailed sentences per post. The minimum requirement for a literate roleplay is 2 detailed paragraphs of at least 5 detailed sentences per post. I won't approve it on a literate level before you add that requirement. Quantity is just as important as quality is, not only in advanced roleplays.))
  18. ((It should be 'new'. " " are for talking. Nickname is one word... I'll check the rest later.))
  19. ((This is illiterate. Could you please put that in the title and the first post? Thank you. Or you could start and pay special attention to your grammar and spelling and make longer posts. Thank you.))
  20. ((Spellingspellingspellingspelling. Spelling. As an example... Don't forget the capital letters, but don't capitalize random words... And don't forget the spaces.))
  21. ((The spelling is still not perfect. Actually, I don't see why you shouldn't write literate posts if the others do not. If they don't, then make them write long posts. If you're aiming for this to be literate, you need to be more convincing and bossy.))
  22. 'Not one of us' from the Lion King 2. A friend decided to sing it five days ago and it's still stuck in my brains... T~T
  23. I beg you... I get at least 5 PMs every day because of my projects... A bigger inbox would be great.
  24. I have named my black dragon syvn Syvn. Not very creative indeed. ^^;