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  1. So, I had to go on a warn spree... Some of you are on 30% warn now. Please try to stay on topic; only talk about stuff relevant to the roleplay. Off-topic things are okay if you stick a relevant sentence to it though. Good luck... ((I'm so bored now.))
  2. ((I don't know who, but someone posted in here about a mod killing you guys after reading the low quality posts... That person gets a nod. Timebomb: *explodes* Seriously. Stick to Khallayne's rules already until the official rules are up. You actually can get warned for disobeying a mod.))
  3. ((Khal, let's just add the new official roleplaying rules. He won't be able to 'forget' it like that and get away with it.))
  4. ((megasuper123, your previous post IS spam. @picknick10: Uh... Did you forget about Khallayne's new rules? They're around for a reason.))
  5. Max smiled, "Maybe." Then he drew his sword and turned around. *space* "This will be the last time we meet Kornso." Kornso stopped grinning and said, "*you don't need a space here* So it's time." *you don't need a space here*" ((Please don't forget commas, correct spaces and capital letter. Do you have spell check by any chance? Btw, nice rules, Khal! Hmm, the codes aren't working along today.))
  6. I'm a teacher. 8D Yay. Can I be added to the list? Member No.: 13,806 Joined: 11-September 08
  7. Obviously not. The purpose of OoCC threads is plotting and talking about the roleplay. Off topic = spam.
  8. I hope that you do understand that advertising counts as spam.
  9. ((Awww. I'm sorry to see you leave. I know, I have nothing to do with this, but... Meh. Bye-bye, I hope that you will return one day! ^^ /mod goodbye rambling))
  10. ((Five sentences which consist of more than 3 words. Not five lines (although, I'd like that a lot). ...Pfft. How often should I return here and mumble about five sentences? Every day? It seems like it's needed. Some of your posts have a nice length (8D), but some posts make me think that you're either very busy or have writer's block. Who did what, when, where, why and how? Keep this question in mind and try to describe every noun. It helps a lot.))
  11. (( Yes, I can edit the first post. If I think that the rating doesn't fit, then I can change it. Great! Some of you have taken my advice... <3 But some haven't. Eh, I'll give those people another chance. At least five sentences per post please. These sentences must contain more than 3 words. Thank you in advance!))
  12. ((Could all of you post at least 5 detailed sentences in a post? Thank you in advance.))
  13. ((No spam, no bad posts... Yep, this looks literate to me! ^^ Keep up the good work.))
  14. ((Some of the posts on the previous pages have less than five sentences in them... Could you please make sure to post at least five sentences which contain more than three words from now on? Thank you in advance. I don't want to ask you to put illiterate in the first post. Fortunately, I can't find any spam.))