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  1. I just returned from my trip only to find an event going on... OHNOEZ. I need to get to work! Gotta catch 'em all!
  2. ((I'm unable to wipe a whole thread. I have to select every post and I'm not gonna do that because there are too many pages. Re-make the roleplay instead.))
  4. The 'young' page is invisible for me. 0-0;
  5. I'm so tempted to spoil how the Naruto vs Pein fight ended. Muwahahahaha! *has read the manga* Anyway... I don't care whether Narutards join or not. I'm not going to approve this as it lacks any detail and proper grammar. I know what the world is like and all, but others might not. So... Describe the world of the shinobi please. Like... What countries are there? And describe the ninja villages? What's Akatsuki? Who are Naruto and his friends? What's a jutsu? Et cetera.
  6. I wonder what cream cheese enchilada tastes like. I'd like to join this! :3 *has already chosen her adopted dragons*
  7. ((At least five sentences and an attempt at proper punctuation please.))
  8. ((At least five sentences please. And think about your spelling... Do you have spellcheck?))
  9. This video asked me to be posted here. For the sake of roflmao.
  10. The Approval System: To start a new DC/Other roleplay, you must first create a thread in the ‘Unapproved Section.’ It is in this section where the roleplays are going to be evaluated by fellow members, RP Approvers, and RP Moderators. The roleplay is evaluated based on spelling, grammar, rules, openness and basic plot. We do not accept roleplays littered with spelling errors and grammar errors, and you need the basics of a plot or context to get it accepted. Once the spelling and grammar have been checked, and we have ensured that you have the bare minimum for the plot and sufficie
  11. ((At least five sentences please! Yay, most of you post enough!))
  12. ((Sometimes you have enough, but often you haven't... Whatever. *retreats* Count your sentences before you post please. I'll check back later.))
  13. ((Yay, everyone posts enough! With the exception of picknick10.))
  14. ((Nice post, Khal... I have seen that you have edited out some comments. I didn't edit them out so that you could see what happened, as this is kind of 'your' roleplay. Welcome to the Other RPs.))
  15. ((At least 5 sentences please... Don't forget the capital letters. And think about your grammar and spelling.))
  16. ((Here you go: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=66742 This.))
  17. ((I'm still able to find new posts which are under the 5 sentences requirement, so I'm back to lurk.))
  18. Out of Character Comments are still supposed to be fully relevant to the roleplay. Yes, it is a rule. You're supposed to plot in here or talk about your characters. That's the point of a OoCC thread. No, it's the opposite. I got bored because of having to hand out so many warnings. Yes, I can approve roleplays.
  19. ((That's 4... But hey, at least the sentences are detailed.))
  20. ((I'm not insulting you at all. Only being able to make posts longer by repeating things is pretty uncreative indeed.))
  21. ((It's not my fault that you are uncreative... This is exactly why you should provide detail in the first place. Lol...))
  22. ((The problem is that not everyone seems to be really trying. I know it that you are... Really, (all of you) keep up the good work and I'll leave until you guys start writing bad posts. It's as easy as that.))
  23. ((That's not true. Today, I've posted the 5 sentence thing in 4 or 5 roleplays and I have given out 10+ warnings. I suggest that you look around better. I'm here to replace Khal, because she's absent right now and you guys 'forget' her rules if she's not around. I wouldn't post in here if you actually posted decent posts.))
  24. ((Honestly, I wouldn't call it 'long'... But it's longer than the other posts in here, fortunately. Mhm, you have to. @picknick10: No. Never.))