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    Current Projects:

    Silver Marrow Checker ~ Always in need of Silver or Marrow eggs. Must be female Silver x male Marrow ~ Willing to lineage swap or make other arrangements.

    White Christmas line ~ In need of 2nd gen White eggs from CB White x CB Christmas ~ I do need 2nd gens from the 2015 Aegis dragon.

    You can find a list of what I have/need here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=141145&view=findpost&p=7181231

    ~ Buckaroo Banzai Mist ~ CB Bronze Tinsel 2015 Prize ~

    ***It has been 9 long months, but I have finally gotten Buckaroo's IOU list emptied. I will NOT be taking any breeding requests for 2nd gen Tinsels at this time. I need to do some of my own breeding before the holidays arrive. *Unless you have an unGodly amount of Gold/Silvers, I might reconsider.* Thanks for understanding.***

    It seems that Buckaroo is going to be a picky little bugger when it comes to breeding. Anyone on his list is going to have to be patient.

    I am going to open up a "very" short breeding list. Those on the Tinsel list can have their pick of mates. You need to give me two choices, so that there is a better chance of getting a Tinsel. I will take turns each week of attempting to breed for those on the list. That way, everyone is not waiting while I try to breed week after week for the same person.

    Any of my CB dragons are available except for Holidays, Gold, Silver or Copper. I don't have that many of the CB Metals. I don't want to tie them up trying to produce a Tinsel. You pick what type of dragon, I pick which dragon.

    Those who are wanting a Prize swap, any dragon I have is available.

    I will also have a Tinselkin list up. There will be no choice as to what the Tinselkin eggs are, unless you are offering a Prizekin swap. In that case, arrangements can/will be made to get you the Prizekin you want and the one that I want.

    I reserve the right to keep/trade/gift any Tinsel/Tinselkin egg produced at any time.

    I require at least half of the agreed upon payment to be on my scroll before breeding for your egg is attempted. When egg is produced, I will hold it for 24 hours to give you time to pick it up. After the first day, if I have not gotten any message from you, the produced egg and any payments received will be mine to do with as I please.

    ~ 2nd gen Tinsel from Buckaroo ~
    1. Closed

    ~ 2nd gen Tinselkin from Buckaroo ~

    What I would like in trade?

    For 2nd gen Tinsel:
    1. Multiple CB Metals are always nice. (Gold, Silver & Copper)
    2. Any 2nd gen Prize. The following would be much appreciated:
    ~ Looking for 2nd gen Bronze Tinsels from female Frill
    3. May consider CB Almandines or Spessartines ~ depending on how many are offered.

    For 2nd gen Tinselkin:
    1. CB Metals ~ depending on what the Tinselkin is
    2. Tinselkin/Shimmerkin 2nd gen swap
    3. Multiple cb hatchlings ~ Reds, Pinks, Almandines, Spessartines, Xenowyrms, Trios, 2nd gen pb Alt Undines and others depending on what I'm working on.

    I'm always open to any 2nd gen Prize swaps. Specially male Bronze Tinsels & f Bronze Shimmers. I would like to do some even gen breeding with them.

    ~3rd EG Tinsel from: Reno Nevada Mist 2 x Jaded Lunar Mist 2

    ~3rd EG Tinselkin from: Reno Nevada Mist 2 x Jaded Lunar Mist 2

    ~3rd EG Tinsel from: BluDan Mist 2 x Royal Blue

    I would like the following in trade:
    Even gen prize checker for the tinsel checker
    Even gen prizekin checker for the tinselkin checker
    ~ I prefer male Bronze Tinsel for the prize, but willing to look at all prize checkers~

    ~ 3rd gen Stair from Reno Nevada Mist ~

    I would like the following in trade:
    CB Metals (Gold, Silver, Copper)
    CB Almandines
    CB Spessartines
    2nd gen pb Alt Undines (more than one)
    3rd gen Prize checkers, male Bronze Tinsels preferred

    I'm new at this "Prize" thing. The above may be changed/altered as needed.

    IOU's are considered on a case by case basis.