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  1. Counter point: You can't exactly change user behavior with ease. Not that I disagree, but idk how to shift this particular DC cultural paradigm.
  2. Maybe we could overlay something? To demonstrate how it does or does not line up?
  3. Boi. This is some poop. I mean I understand the need for secrecy now, you were letting them save face. What a crummy situation. Thanks for protecting the cave from the risk of using plagiarized stuff. As an artist, the integrity of the art on site matters to me.
  4. I cutmy thumb while prepping diNNER AND CUT PART OF MY HECKING NAIL ONTO THE NAILBED CLEAN OFF AND I Am so hecking angry and my thumb is bloody and stuff snd heck Heck!
  5. Same tho I didn't touch it or have anything to do with its creation but I really love it and I am not a fan of purple. I love its wing membrane shading and color ramp. Whoever made it knows their color theory. Jees bees.
  6. Is that the Bee Movie script Spoilers, man. I've never seen it.
  7. Have you been in contact with the admin or a global moderator? Sock was pretty active in this thread after the switch.
  8. You could release it ans catch another CB egg from the AP
  9. Throwing out a thank you to those who over caught and abandoned. I wouldn't have any of these without you. I missed out on the release so y'all the best.
  10. Do you know what the original adult looked like? I would imagine if someone provided a replacement they probably had like... seen the thing. I'm not sure hatchling appearance is as big a deal as adult appearance
  11. Actually I hadn't even considered the contract thing. Isn't one of them a minor??? How is that handled?
  12. I like my dragon cave experience being genericly dragony. I'm all about dragons and stuff. I love the babies they are cute little nuggets omg ;_; Who did those I need 12
  13. Muh warpaint from tonight
  14. Can I please request a chubby blonde woman with bettie page bangs riding a fell dragon For reasons
  15. What if the artistd had a tool with a standard sized little person and a slider to embiggen various dragon breeds based on how big we think they are next to a tiny person that records sprite dimension in meters so bossman can then go through and adjust where he feels fit so we can make this like a thing idk does that make sense
  16. Given the quality of what the "old blood" produces, I wouldn't complain. These Fells give me life. Hot dang.
  17. I think the male Fell's chin looks like the kaiju Otachi's nose, and his nose looks like Trespasser's nose. IDK about the female exactly, but she's bae. I really hope Podie makes a painting reference of both their heads in profile so I can rub my eyeballs all over their cudgel/crests. I flippin' love kaiju. I really want someone to make a Gojira or Rodan dragon. *_*
  18. I am holdin' onto my buttcheeks for the ancient eggs' adults, folks. Oh boy, oh boy. Y'all can put me on record as these babbus being like, in my top two favorite DC breeds ever. Odeen is kind of amazing, if y'all hadn't noticed. I can't handle the antici-
  19. Woo! Congrats to the newbie! And, incidentally, today is Odeen's birthday. Wish her a good one, y'all!
  20. Is that one dragon laying with its face on the ground like a cat with kidney failure ahahaha oh lord.
  21. The alternative is the obama admin firing him so the blood isn't on clinton's hands when she reaches office.
  22. Wowee, that green xenowyrm looks great with witchlights. I also like it with aegides and neostrifes. So basically, I just ship Podie and Birb.
  23. We're loading up Odeen with Witchlights. I think she's up to 50 something. That's a lot of green glowy blinking eyes. How might that look?