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  1. I got a switch for christmas and my knuckle is broken and I've been throwing a lot of my spare time into Breath of the Wild, and I'm like 45 shrines deep into this thing but I've still yet to fight a boss because I can't do combat well in this state. I've got hearts for days, a healthy amount of stamina, some nice gear including the master sword, but the idea of having to be coordinated enough to fight a blight ganon with my hand busted has kept me from even trying. Guess I'll just go into all the bossfights overgeared and overleved like the anxious heck I am.
  2. You can do it. You can make the badge. You don't have to contact anyone.
  3. SNOW WARS 2 CREDITS Visual Assets: TCA TJ09 JOTB Fiona Infinis Malcorium Royal-Tentacle Verridith Corteo PieMaster LadyLyzar (and her kids!) Mewtie Nakase Process Shajana SkyWolf25 Hazeh Birdzgoboom Marrionetta Ashywolf Music: PieMaster 2013 Encore Assets: Hotonfire Odeen Dolphinsong Sif ParticleSoup Lythiaren Tiki G Imbecamiel Mysfytt Aangs-Sister Wynni
  4. THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT. The gift of legman.
  5. The violet dragon statue is under Decorative.
  6. It’s been a hell of a year, folks. Happy New Year!
  7. ಠ_ಠ this topic has my full support js if i had as many dogs as i wanted and i somehow was irresponsible enough to have a whoopsie litter of puppies, but i wanted to keep one bab, i would probably not drive all the pups to the pound and this analogy is flawed but let's be real our in character player who draws likenesses of dragons on their records scroll probably has the good sense to enforce their own boundaries of caregiving abilities while carting off their extra clutched eggos
  8. Do... do they not already function this way? Daaaang. Yeah counting the whole clutch as a single egg would be more intuitive. Do you just jettison the whole clutch when you breed a holiday and only have like one or two spaces currently?
  9. Most of us work and don’t have the vacation time in the weeks leading up to christmas to have whole events made and ready to go a week before christmas. )’: We’re volunteers. Apologies, this is what we can do.
  10. You make it sound like everybody's clutches are out here dying all the time. 😕
  11. I think there's a misunderstanding here about what blocking is. I want to be invisible, dead to whoever I block. I wouldn't want them to see my stuff but not be able to offer on it, that defeats the purpose. I don't want them to be notified they're on a block list, I just want to unexist myself from their awareness. It's not a childish taunt or antagonizing, it's helping users draw boundaries for themselves. Also you all talk about viewbombing like it's a frequent natural normal consequence of player actions. Don't tailor your suggestions to rogue fringe exploits and stuff that's already against the rules. I'm a fairly high profile user for having made art for site use, but I don't actually know that I've been maliciously targeted in 10 years of making waves here. It seems like a strange thing to parade around as though it deserves consideration and deference, viewbombing... Nah. Just a basic block feature would be great.
  12. Block the ability to see posted public trades you issue would make more sense And are you seriously saying a feature is wrong because people will retaliate in a way already against the rules? I shouldn't have to engage with anyone I don't want to, especially if they don't respect a no or are aggressive in their approaches or whatever reason. Blocking exists in lots of games and platforms. Why is it so distasteful to do it here?
  13. Now that public trade offers are a thing I think blocking habitually bad offer makers would be nice.
  14. I have a sneaking suspicion that "logical and well reasoned" is up for interpretation and those people may be surprised at the gap between their own-self image and how they are actually received. It takes a certain, idk, lack of self-awareness to get a reputation for being argumentative, selfish, demanding, and egotistical. Dealing with folks in that category is genuinely one of the harder facets of being a content creator for this site. Your apology in the news thread the other day was perfectly appropriate. For clarity, my above unreasonable demand was not authored as a dig toward that in any way. I feel a little bad that's how you took it, so please allow me to reassure you that you did great and the two things are in fact unrelated. My gripe above is the summation of literally a decade of experience being a Dragon Cave content creator. In fact, 10 years this Christmas. Nono, you're fine, don't worry. Also that list of "victories" were as much authored by internal pressures from the content creators here as anyone. I would, in your situation, be hesitant to claim them.
  15. That's literally like... three dragons.
  16. I unreasonably demand a kind playerbase with fewer loud, squeaky wheels who are predictably displeased at every possible juncture. Those four or five people know who they are. I also unreasonably demand a full year between events so we could make big cool ones every time. I unreasonably demand that everyone who PM'd me about spriter alt breedings immediately gets their PM kicked back returned to sender without delivery to my inbox. I demand more pink dragon breeds and more pygmy breeds.
  17. This, at least to me, feels like a massive backpedal on your previous statement, and juxtaposed with your prior condemnation of their playful mass breed, this comment is jarring. It would feel a lot better to me if maybe you acknowledged what spurred your change of heart, and it would seem more sincere if you didn’t append this message with a statement of your desires to the contrary. I love what Birdz and Pro did and I find their playful antics to be in the spirit of halloween. Do you disagree?
  18. This is exactly what everyone wanted. Saltkins all around.
  19. For this particular story there are no ill consequences to completing the story in different ways. There are different paths, yes, but not all actions must be taken. It’s just a game, your FOMO can relax.
  20. As you said earlier, “cool.”
  21. My husband and I have been playing the Sims 4 as our sim-selves and somehow ended up with 10 kids. We want kids irl and thought it might be fun to play out what could possibly be in store for us. I think by kid 6 I was hitting the randomize button to get ideas. We named the first 3 after names we actually care for and it just kind of degraded into chaos after that. Our sim kids are Ruby after his amazing maternal grandmother who is like my favorite person, Sophie after my aunt Sophia, Chay and Lily - an oopsidental set of twins - after dear friends, Neal which is a surname in my husband's family, Bridgette and Camilla, another set of twins, Hank which is my favorite boy's name ever, Bailey literally for no other reason than a wrestler who was on TV at that moment is named Bailey, and finally Cecil - the masculine form of my middle name. I imagine our real kids will probably be some combination of Ruby Lynne, Henry (Hank) Lee, Neal Steven, and Sophia Alice. Boring, but they can always change them when they get old enough.