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  1. My great granddragon has come home to live with me. n_n https://dragcave.net/lineage/839Se
  2. Mn, anyone have any totally vanilla survival communities they can recommend?
  3. Today is zeDAY you’re gonna learn about how randomly generated strings sometimes communicate meaning to beings who are really hung up on patterns. And by that I mean it’s a randomized identifyer but still looks pretty cool. Congrats!
  4. I didn’t write an at the dance scene, just the invitation.
  5. Ah, I missed that discussion. Maybe move concept ideas unrelated to the event to S/R? Not just @ you, @ everyone.
  6. We're not. You can pick to romance whichever character you feel is appropriate relative to your personal views. The ungendered ND is a breed with a mechanic that's a relic of how the site used to handle neglected dragons. We added in male and female NDs per user feedback. No agendas here except an even number of available character genders so players have options.
  7. Could those folks maybe put in an effort to not be terrible or critical to a cutting degree? That’s I think the point you’re willfully missing here. This isnt haute art or a gallery installation. This is a game community and believe it or not standards of decent conduct can exist here. Not issuing critique on a sprite is default; making critical statements is a choice.
  8. That was my choice and not the result of any user suggestions. We don’t really want this type of feedback, honestly.
  9. Offering critique on a holiday dragon after it makes its appearance on site is like offering to get a fire extinguisher after your neighbor’s house has already been burnt down. Everyone is entitled to have opinions, but for the love of dragons, you are not required to express them at all moments. We literally can’t do anything with your two cents in this scenario so all you achieve is making someone feel bad. Is it so vital that you express your discontent at the expense of other people? Your criticisms aren’t helpful in this context. I urge you to stop. This holiday and all holidays, if you don’t have something positive to say, consider saying nothing at all.
  10. Big thanks to our indispensable team of overworked volunteers! This has been a fun one. CREDITS Birdzgoboom Bluesonic1 Fiona Hazeh JOTB LadyLyzar Marrionetta Mewtie Nakase PieMaster Process Shajana SkyWolf25 TCA TJ09 Windyra Wookieinmashoo Wynni Happy Valentine’s Day!
  11. I wrote Wilda and Tsoko (the former with the help of Bluesonic1) and they’re the only two I’ve played since launch outside of testing. I think Oliva has killer hair and Harle is pretty, though.
  12. Ha ha ha uh I am definitely not an alien observer and I have normal cordial human relationships in my normal cordial human meat what a ridiculous assertion it causes me pain who told you
  13. 10 second doodle by Shajana. No conspiracies here.
  14. Events aren’t canon. This is a fun, intentionally ridiculous mini game for amusement and to promote a festive atmosphere.
  15. Use your arrow keys to select a different club?
  16. The protagonist is not gendered. There's also an ungendered ND. Pick all your poisons.
  17. 9am EST drop did not drop - is this normal?
  18. Fuzz, I am also a forum user and I also like emoji’s expressive range and cohesiveness in all apps across your device. The crux of your argument is simply that everyone feels the same way you do, and that’s inaccurate. The digital world is changing; emoji allows conversation across language barriers and is a surprisingly nuanced pictographic tool. Reverting to emoticons is denying ourselves the opportunity to grow and change with digital mediums. Maybe remove emoticon in favor of emoji only? I love me some consistency.