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  1. I think for old stuff a free for all is cool. It's like a past holiday yardsale with last year's tickle me elmo.
  2. Yeah, it's the whataburger logo on Texas. Because I can, and because I'm a gosh dang Houstonian.
  3. That Whataburger treat, though? Yas.
  4. Cryptolocker was the name of a specific piece of ransomware, which is what Wannacry is. Ransomware malware programs encrypt your files and demand payment to decrypt them. There's lots of kinds. I wouldn't call it a scam so much as extortion. Most set an expiry for the key to decrypt your files, creating a sense of urgency. It's a pain in the butt to deal with them, but usually if you can restore your machine to before you picked up the malware, you're fine. I use a backup program that lifts partial images of my machine every 15 minutes called StorageCraft, but they're a paid service. I realize this is an old thread but I figure giving advice on how to avoid paying out to the jerkbutts who write ransomware probably isn't a bad idea.
  5. Noooo not the cute wittle cicadas! ):
  6. I dunno why I feel compelled to share this, but a neat little tidbit about what we do as artists: A lot of us work with what we call sprite proportions. It's tricky learning how to fit sprites within size constraints while preserving detail and highlighting breed features. Well, one way we do this as artists is by compressing some dragon body parts and by exaggerating others. Wings are usually downsized and heads and necks upsized. The Bauta, for instance, has very large heads and kind of puny wings. Given its bulky build, its wings could never in a million years generate enough lift to fly as drawn. Well, sometimes we just have to suspend disbelief for the sake of neat art and ideas. I've attached a silhouette of what I imagine to be a better proportioned Bauta for comparison to the one we have on site. Even so, its wings would still be on the small side! Just a trick of the trade for all you aspiring artists out there! Thanks for the warm reception, guys.
  7. Thank you. I'm always shocked we manage a release where most people like all the art. Feels good, man.
  8. That no isn't red. Spinach dragon 2k17 confirmed
  9. If it was in TCA's mouth does that mean it really is a spinach dragon? Since it's green and sorts correctly.
  10. Your expression of your fully entitled opinion makes my experience here just that little bit worse. I can understand feelings of frustration, but just know that the words you say can have a detrimental impact on other players - and us artists - so I encourage you to consider kindness. Your attitude is as unexpected as it is jarring. As a personal favor to me, would you consider reserving your judgement until some time has passed since the release festivities? TCA made something neat and I would love to see this thread filled with more eager speculation and celebration and less anger and bitterness. I'm happy for my friend, and I want this to be a positive experience for everybody else as well. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. I mean this extremely gently so please, I implore you, read this in a neutral tone: If you are unhappy here, leaving might be the best thing you can do for yourself. If you genuinely hate this game, maybe move on, as an act of self-care. You deserve to spend your time on things that bring you joy. It's always been an option.
  12. Oh no they take a syllable from an 80s/90s action show Nah jk theyre still too loose to be a copyright issue.
  13. I literally did nothing, u take ur slander elsewhere Also my favorite is the pink one
  14. Counter point: You can't exactly change user behavior with ease. Not that I disagree, but idk how to shift this particular DC cultural paradigm.
  15. Maybe we could overlay something? To demonstrate how it does or does not line up?
  16. Boi. This is some poop. I mean I understand the need for secrecy now, you were letting them save face. What a crummy situation. Thanks for protecting the cave from the risk of using plagiarized stuff. As an artist, the integrity of the art on site matters to me.
  17. I cutmy thumb while prepping diNNER AND CUT PART OF MY HECKING NAIL ONTO THE NAILBED CLEAN OFF AND I Am so hecking angry and my thumb is bloody and stuff snd heck Heck!
  18. Same tho I didn't touch it or have anything to do with its creation but I really love it and I am not a fan of purple. I love its wing membrane shading and color ramp. Whoever made it knows their color theory. Jees bees.
  19. Is that the Bee Movie script Spoilers, man. I've never seen it.
  20. Have you been in contact with the admin or a global moderator? Sock was pretty active in this thread after the switch.