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  1. DO WANT. Now if she only had a hock of ham... then it'd be my Symon.
  2. I, uh, don't have anything but MS Paint. So... yeah. AND SINCE IT'S BEEN SO REDUCED I VOTE THAT IT'S NOT PIXELWERK. So... THERE. OH. And you have my permission for the Valentines adults and hatchies and the Christmas 08/Yulebuck hatchies to be arted by anyone.
  3. O.o I did not get that memo, or perhaps I'd forgotten. Yumi was in the process of making me a commissioned one and had shown me pictures of its wittle head, next to some fluffing and such. Oh, well, that's happy news at least.
  4. Anyone seen the plush artist Yumi around lately? She was supposed to be making me a v-day hatchie plushie, but she didn't reply to my last PM a month ago. D:
  5. I think Shikaru should buy this one. :3
  6. Silvanon cannot be reached very easily here. She's now the webmistress of another site. If you're looking for her approval, Goiku, ask TJ or the moderator Pokemonfan13 for her contact info. Silvanon did leave behind artist permissions on her in-cave work, though, by the way. I'm not sure how far you could extend that, but we're in the process of revamping her gold in the gold replacement thread. Be sure to pop your head over there to see if the plushie you're making is compatible.
  7. I would officially be jazzed about a v-day hatchie plushie. It needs to happen. I sew, but not like THIS. OMG you guys rock. I know a girl through my youth group who gets custom plushies in runs of 100 made for her friends. If this is something TJ is serious about, I could ask her who she goes through and what the prices are. Heehee, last time she did this, she got purple and yellow dragons made. :3
  8. DVNO = My valentine's dragon. I named it Pretty Young Thing, in honor of a song by a band called Justice where they mention PYT, a michael jackson song, who also have a song called DVNO.
  9. I'm not sure if this is something most people do, but I find it useful. If you have an area and you want to recolor it, you can select the color that the area CURRENTLY IS with the eye dropper tool and set the backrground color the COLOR YOU'D LIKE IT TO BE and RIGHT CLICK ERASE over the top of the area. It replaces the old color with the new one. I'm sorry if this has been posted already, I just thought I'd throw my two cents in.
  10. I will buy a Pebble plushie if this is ever done. :3