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  1. 2/3 favorite spriters on a 3 person collab means one of us is unworthy. Is this where Skwoolf, TCA, and I fight to the death to figure out which two of us get the mantles of favorites? I’m scrappy. I feel good about my odds.
  2. They grow up so fast. I made my scroll before my forum account, I think literally right around the month I turned 18. My entire adult life. I don’t know how to be an adult without DC lol. Happy Borthday, Cave. ;A;
  3. I am unaware of tiny eggs that can be bitten.
  4. We have a teenager. WE HAVE A TEENAGER.
  5. I wouldn’t be opposed to DC having its own mechanics and credits info in-house as opposed to requiring an independent, hit or miss wikia. From what I understand that independent fan repository is down to a single administrator. I think it might be time we offer the playerbase info here instead. Convenient one stop information shopping I like this idea.
  6. Daaaaaaang Naka you done a good
  7. I feel really numb right now. It’s weird.
  8. I kept my whole house clean for one week.
  9. There’s this abandoned factory smokestack in Liege Belgium and I miss seeing it on the way to the pharmacy near my aunt’s townhouse. I want to visit there again and see if my memories live up to the truth.
  10. I’m both pretty skeptic and also marginally interested in astrology. Humans have a pretty intense desire to know ourselves and give words to what we are, and we’re really good at finding patterns where there are none. That being said my sun sign has always accurately described me and my moon sign and my ascendant signs are also weirdly spot on. I’ve spent a lot of time in therapy putting a finer point on what I consider to be the more difficult parts of my personality and the more I do that the more I see my moon sign in myself? Like it’s probably bull**** but it’s helpful and descriptive bull**** so I don’t feel particularly bad about coopting the terminology as a shorthand for self truths. I’m a Cancer with my moon in Gemini and a Taurus ascendant. Water, air, earth, good mix of traits. Trying to remediate that tendency for over emotionality and sensitivity, always searching, always curious, never satisfied, but patient and strong enough to get through it. It’s the best unprovable thing.
  11. The ferocious and irrepressible desire to communicate.
  12. Given that economic deprivement and abuse have measurable intergenerational impact, yeah. Devising and implementing reparations sounds like hard but worthwhile work.
  13. I recently adopted two cacti (I live in Texas) and they’re so cute I could die. One’s a grafted cactus - possibly a dragonfruit stalk with a mutant pink pup grafted to the top - and one is a pretty barrel cactus with pink flowers. I’m so smitten with them. Along with my wee aloe plant I now have 3 planty friends.
  14. A gift, maybe. A curse without a doubt.
  15. I bred one of my Spriter Alts to a super messy dragon. And passed the offspring off to another artist who bred it the same. It was ideal chaos.
  16. My great granddragon has come home to live with me. n_n https://dragcave.net/lineage/839Se
  17. Mn, anyone have any totally vanilla survival communities they can recommend?
  18. Today is zeDAY you’re gonna learn about how randomly generated strings sometimes communicate meaning to beings who are really hung up on patterns. And by that I mean it’s a randomized identifyer but still looks pretty cool. Congrats!
  19. I didn’t write an at the dance scene, just the invitation.
  20. Ah, I missed that discussion. Maybe move concept ideas unrelated to the event to S/R? Not just @ you, @ everyone.