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  1. On 5/21/2021 at 8:08 PM, Shokomon said:


     Have a MASSIVE QUOTE of all the sucessful attempts at getting ths variants/alts/hybrids.


    Includes commentary on sprite changes, compilation posts of all known obtainable alts, notes from @Pixxelation, and some funny comments I found while searching.


    @Marrionetta: I came here to have a good time, but I'm feeling so attacked right now...




  2. 1 hour ago, DragonLady86 said:

    A color only obtainable through abandoning is a slap in the face to lineage builders. I really don't understand why any would think that was a good idea. And I'm not big on lineages myself 

    Here's a nice piece of perspective; lineage builders are as capable of trading as everybody else. If you're specifically hoping for long lines with the abandoned alt, the best course of action for you is likely breeding many and posting rewards for finders until the right one comes home to you. I imagine this particular mechanic is going to re-teach us how to play cooperatively, like in the old days of AP trading.

  3. 2 minutes ago, sh20000sh said:

    I think Ice and Magma need sprite update some day as Thunder had quite change.

    I would actually kind of love to see that! Not because they aren't good but because the trio looking spiffed up together would be nice!

  4. Magelight pygmies can probably read, and certainly are capable of opening canned food. They're intelligent but also simultaneously dumbasses, so I'm not sure what to tell you. They're chipper and talkative and ridiculous. Still probably the type to walk headlong into a sliding glass door.


    Corals are... closer to that more primitive scary animal intelligence. They could think a word or two at you but mostly they're just here to kick butt and take names. Given they stand about waist high and are covered in sharp claws and teeth, they're incredibly dangerous. Smart in the way self sufficient predators are smart, could communicate if pressed.

  5. 5 hours ago, VixenDra said:

    For some mysterious reasons males tend to be done first and so end up looking better than the female in vast majority of breeds (which is also why my cousin influenced his prize female, he just considered most of males better looking)... they are usually cleaner posed, show the breed better, and since the second done sprite is also a kind of an attempt to redo the same design again, which is not that easy to do as far as I've seen in the artworld (seems universal), it's easy to loose a bit of the charm or shapes while spriting the design again (because even with dimporphism it's typically about addons/details, not the base, the base needs to stay the same to keep the breed-level similarity). Humans are wired this way I guess and it is pretty frequent if the same design is done twice in a short period of time (when the artist's skill level still remains the same between the 2 depictions) that the second attempt is much harder to do and may end up less appealing, especially with the pixelart and its limitations.
    In some breeds this will be more prominent, in others might even flip and favor the second done sprite but the latter is pretty rare for second gender being done very soon after the first, this is just how most of creators are and it's simply a natural consequence of how humans are made.
    I just wish it was a less omnipresent tactics and that females were also done first as frequently as males are^^; ("Ladies first, please" xD) this would naturally even this out:P

    None of my dimorphic sets had genders before both were finished or near finished apart from the Black Tea. This comment is based on some untrue assumptions and every artist works differently.

  6. Sorry, this isn't something we can give you. It's probably safer to assume nothing is guaranteed and then consider your choices from there. Mercifully, most changes are made in such a way as to minimize lineage tile changes (no really, we shrink updates to tile size to make sure the color distribution and poses parse similarly) and I don't think any lineages have ever been objectively ruined. I'm sorry if the new full sized sprites aren't always to your liking, but the actual appearance of a lineage should be largely the same pre and post update, special circumstances non withstanding.

  7. 12 hours ago, TJ09 said:

    I'm going to confirm at this point that username changing is coming (hopefully within the next few months). It'll be part of a larger rework of the account settings area. The current plan is as follows:


    * Usernames can be changed once per year.

    * The old username will redirect to the new one for 30 days.

    * Previously-used usernames will not be able to be reclaimed or registered by anyone.

    * Simple changes (i.e. changing letter case) can be done at any time.

    It's been 13 years but I will finally have a capital M.



  8. 1 minute ago, a101401014 said:



    Sending Uchiha Madara cookie right now :nyan:







    Looks like I still have time to make 1 anime character's cookie.

    If there is any other anime lover here interested in have one, tell me several your fav anime characters, and I will try to draw one of them.

    ( However, I will make it slowly 😂 )


    Followings are characters' cookies I had made. They become a series right now. LOL XD



    I don't know the specific fandoms/fandom these are from but if you EVER feel like making an ultimate sailor moon cookie I would absolutely **** my pants

  9. 1 hour ago, banban007 said:


    @Marrionetta can I request for Salem/black cat cookie too? (If you're still in the mood to decorate and swap cookies). 😍 My unsent cookies in a few post above.

    I've made a Salem cookie and lots of black cats. Did you specifically mean one with the candle like posted above?

  10. 10 hours ago, Awdz Bodkins said:

    @banban007 I'd like the thalassa in a jar, either one is great, I suppose purple ribbon if I have to choose. Which of mine would you prefer?


    @Jet Raptor I would like the log cross-section with the little leaf; which of mine would you like in exchange?



    @Kakaru_of_DOOM thank you for my chickens! I sent you my attempt at a shallow water dragon, pink instead of orange due to color palette


    Hey I recognize those dragons!



    12 hours ago, Jet Raptor said:

    Here's my latest batch. I...think I need a break from cookies for a bit. I have ideas for others, but...I need to stop.  .____.

    Also that Princess Mononoke one is awesome. I was going to do some Studio Ghibli cookies, but no more cookies right now. My eyes are mad at me.


    oh my gosh could I trouble you for a plant cookie? I love plont ;A;

  11. 2 hours ago, LackingDragons said:

    @Marrionetta Okay 😅

    (This is one of the very few cookies I made where the sprinkles are harder than the frosting. It can get very frustrating)

    Not tonight, though. It's already past midnight and I'm trying to get back into a normal sleepng rythm.

    But I can make one tomorrow. I've taken a look at your last post with cookies and I really like the candles, could I have one of them in return?

    I have exactly one left. :) so absolutely. My scroll is the same as my forum name. What's your scroll name?