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  1. Hot drake summer, real hot drake stuff ...I wonder if drakes can dance
  3. If there is I expect Shoko to be the one to produce it!
  4. Here's a nice piece of perspective; lineage builders are as capable of trading as everybody else. If you're specifically hoping for long lines with the abandoned alt, the best course of action for you is likely breeding many and posting rewards for finders until the right one comes home to you. I imagine this particular mechanic is going to re-teach us how to play cooperatively, like in the old days of AP trading.
  5. Learner's permit age. Oh no. Also that is an ILLEGAL amount of eggs.
  6. For 13 years my mistakes have haunted me. and now I have obtained... CAPITAL M. https://dragcave.net/user/Marrionetta nice nice nice nice nice
  7. I would actually kind of love to see that! Not because they aren't good but because the trio looking spiffed up together would be nice!
  8. Requiring people to state a negative opinion is kind of leading, isn't it?
  9. Magelight pygmies can probably read, and certainly are capable of opening canned food. They're intelligent but also simultaneously dumbasses, so I'm not sure what to tell you. They're chipper and talkative and ridiculous. Still probably the type to walk headlong into a sliding glass door. Corals are... closer to that more primitive scary animal intelligence. They could think a word or two at you but mostly they're just here to kick butt and take names. Given they stand about waist high and are covered in sharp claws and teeth, they're incredibly dangerous. Smart in the way self sufficient predators are smart, could communicate if pressed.
  10. I'd love a super simple way of letting folks know I'm nb and use they pronouns. This isn't a burning desire but it sounds like a nice QOL update for someday.
  11. None of my dimorphic sets had genders before both were finished or near finished apart from the Black Tea. This comment is based on some untrue assumptions and every artist works differently.
  12. Sorry, this isn't something we can give you. It's probably safer to assume nothing is guaranteed and then consider your choices from there. Mercifully, most changes are made in such a way as to minimize lineage tile changes (no really, we shrink updates to tile size to make sure the color distribution and poses parse similarly) and I don't think any lineages have ever been objectively ruined. I'm sorry if the new full sized sprites aren't always to your liking, but the actual appearance of a lineage should be largely the same pre and post update, special circumstances non withstanding.
  13. My egg from last year was a tooth
  14. It's been 13 years but I will finally have a capital M. BASED
  15. Hey these changes are fire. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the clear and concise update. We appreciate your ongoing hard work.
  17. If you make another geode I'm interested!
  18. I don't know the specific fandoms/fandom these are from but if you EVER feel like making an ultimate sailor moon cookie I would absolutely **** my pants
  19. I've made a Salem cookie and lots of black cats. Did you specifically mean one with the candle like posted above?
  20. Hey I recognize those dragons! oh my gosh could I trouble you for a plant cookie? I love plont ;A;
  21. I don't suppose you could be pursuaded to make Jupiter and Io? 😍
  22. I have exactly one left. so absolutely. My scroll is the same as my forum name. What's your scroll name?