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  1. This turned out exactly as ridiculous as I was expecting
  2. I have Tercorny Joke and Tercorned Beef.
  3. I hear Mewtie’s new breed gets sick at picnics. It’s probably allergic tercorn.
  4. Smol, penk, angry, will fite. Mood.
  5. I'm feeling like "pink" is a safe bet.
  6. Hey thank you and you're welcome. I mean at this point who isn't grumpy?
  7. It’s a Bad Attitude Pink Beach Party. Pfffff hahaha I didn’t realize both breeds were fussy until today. High five, Mewtie!
  8. @hazeh How dare you misattribute something @Pixxelation said to meeeee
  9. Yeah those mint eggs were not visible earlier today when times were higher. It’s odd that they suddenly are visible now. Lol did we just break the AP?
  10. Please based god I need to capitalize the M on my scroll name
  11. Glowstick rave dragon theme release aw yis look at those wee litebrites. Look at those bioluminescent murder chickens. We are blessed
  12. “Cute” “baby” and “dragon” get the job done. It is all three of those things. 😉
  13. I bred my magelights again. Pls enjoy. edit - they’ve arrived
  14. Yoooooo that purpleyellowboi s2 is doing something weird it’s like over there but also over there
  15. This increases net chaos ergo I must support That being said multiclutching was one of my favorite old mechanics. I used to collect twins and inbreed them.
  16. Now that DC’s setting and canon are expanded in the way of valkemarian lore, little of which is formally presented on site, pretty much everything in dragon descriptions and the gameplay premise of the site is like... “old canon.” I don’t see a compelling reason to enforce style or consistency on player dragon descriptions. If someone cares enough to go through the energy to write an excited blurb about how their aeon can travel through space and time to earth 1988 to dance in post soviet discos, more power to them. Valkemare couldn’t support the biomass of the bulk of player dragons, one player couldn’t raise as many dragons in a lifetime as people have on their scrolls so it only stands to reason most individual dragons aren’t canon to begin with. I’d recommend automated filtering for profanity and urls, an internal queue where mods can quickly browse “recent descriptions” if need be, and a big obvious report button on the view page on described dragons for players that find The Bad Stuff when mods don’t. Otherwise proceeding with the assumption that most people aren’t yikesy trolls is probably a good mindset.
  17. There are many mechanics on this game you can influence and can control. You can also choose to not enter the raffle any given month. Having this one particular mechanic left to chance doesn’t ruin the game. I’m sorry you can’t directly exert influence and obtain a specific generation of tinsel through force of will, but this is by design. Some mechanics are chance based. We love variety.
  18. I want my breed to be distributed via mechanism of chance. Embrace the chaos, friends.
  19. I would advise waiting until we get a sense for how the new scaled up prize pools distribute before demanding further changes. The current prizes are distributed via a mechanism of chance. It was always intended to be this way. There was never any intention of these being distributed as guaranteed achievement awards.
  20. -bongocats ominously in the distance- I like this update.