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  1. Hooray for the updates! Thanks TJ!
  2. Yay finally done! I'm really glad we had more time this year.
  3. Eh he heh, yeah, that'd be me. Been a busy weekend. I think right now I'm just really hoping to get my own egg before I run out of time. alabaster_demon - love your sig.
  4. Guess I'm rather late to the party, I've only collected 10 eggs so far.
  5. I like the new theme. And my spring leetle tree.
  6. Oooo, new eggs! *grabs*
  7. Yay, there are persons who like the pine cone and candy cane!
  8. I've accidentally bred one or two myself, but I won't deliberately inbreed. I don't mind other people doing it if they want.
  9. Looks like my username is a Male Silver with 7 kids. My real nickname I always go by is a male Spring with one child. Funny enough his father has my maiden name as part of his name. My actual first name is already taken, I'm shocked to say (it's an odd spelling), by a female Water Dragon, no kids. My middle name is a Bright Pink with no kids. My maiden name is a Grey with one kid. And my last name isn't taken yet (no suprise there).