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  1. FRILLS!!! Finally after all these years, my David Bowie Frill family will be able to be completed <333
  2. Omg the ending credits are my favorite thing <33 The Solstice (Luna?) finding a friend and new home! The Bloodscale at home with their kitties! ='D I'm in love. Omg tho Ned please calm down, I ACCIDENTALLY took that pie and fyi we're at a party. It's not stealing to eat food at a party especially considering all the stuff I did for you guys! This was an awesome event despite the glitches. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on it!!
  3. Drat, I got impatient with the text bubbles and accidentally picked the naughty option for the pie. Ned made me feel way too bad about accidentally stealing digital pies ='( I'm glad it looks like I'm not the only person who has done it!
  4. Dat lag .__. My internet tends to turn after midnight anyway but this is just a bit overboard. I managed to catch one at least <3 I know it gets easier in the morning, the temptation to try at midnight is just too much to resist
  5. Yooooo this event looks awesome! I'm gonna have to leave the cave open in a separate window at work tomorrow to pop on and collect treats/ingredients
  6. I hope I can catch a couple of these guys considering I still haven't seen, much less caught a single Xeno ;___;
  7. oh my god they're all gorgeous!! Amazing work, Birdz! =O And of course this would be the time I can't find a single egg. (it's my own fault for not checking the site while on vacation, not the site's fault since I heard the first flood was really good. I'm just disappointed with myself ) It's the trio release all over again OTL
  8. I had a feeling there would be a release while I was away from my computer/internet =( I haven't seen any in the cave this morning. Hopefully they ratios balance out and they get more common soon!
  9. Idk what the drama is over the drakes, I like them x3 They have a kind of loveable sad Eeyore expression and remind me of hyenas! And I adore pygmies in general so I was psyched to have a cute new addition to them <3 The round belly and wide hips of the female hooktalons struck me as odd, but maybe she just got done eating all the food she won in a fight. ;3 I love the wings on her design. That pattern, those colors! Thrilled to death too that they're dropping much more readily now. I was so sad when I thought I'd missed them for good yesterday. Thank you to all the artists who gave us
  10. Oh I completely missed them and now it looks like they're rare =( Time to start praying my shinies will produce eggs for trading I guess
  11. Oh goodness, when I saw this announcement this morning I thought I was doomed, but it was surprisingly easy to nab some of each. =D I love dragons with whiskers so I can't wait to see what the adult gems look like!
  12. Illior Lightbringer managed to capture this shy Canopy's heart. She looks a little overwhelmed by the reception- maybe greeting her with candy and roses was a bit much out the gate ;3 I decorated according to what looked nice rather than trying to deliberately attract anyone. Canopy wasn't what I imagined, but her colors do look nice with the other colors in the cave. She's just so tiny compared to him!
  13. This event looks fun! I picked my CB Winter Magi because their cute curious expressions seemed to fit a boy decorating hopefully for a mate so well If only the hoards would save =( I got mine decorated and then got the invalid item error. I'll wait and see if it's fixed in the morning I suppose. I don't see any eggs either but it's always like that the night of a release. Time to get some sleep and prepare to hunt in the morning! Good luck everyone!
  14. Omg I got way too excited when I saw one of the present boxes has the ace flag colors. So cool!! The egg this year is gorgeous too. <3
  15. I was about to turn my computer off when I told myself 'I'll just pop over for a few minutes to check out the event. I can play in the morning.' But here I am. I became obsessed with figuring out how to win the mana game before I could sleep. Time for bed for real! Happy DC holidays everybody!
  16. After my experiences missing the trio and blusang releases, I almost had a heart attack when I realized I'd almost missed this one too! It took a few hours, but I managed to get 2 of the alpine and volcanic, and 1 of the coastals. =D (Plus a misclicked speckly egg.) Which is fine with me, I like purple and red better than orange anyway. I had better luck catching on the 5 minute marks than I did on the hourly, so I definitely suggest that to the people trying to catch now. Good luck everyone!!
  17. Aww, the 2nd stage hatchies are adorable! They look like they're playing with each other. x3
  18. Whoa, this is awesome! I love that it's something that will stick around, too. Instead of scrambling to grab eggs, we have time to play around and breed as many as we like. x3 It just makes me wish I had kept up with trying to summon! I did get one primordial energy egg from my lone GON guy though <3 The eggs themselves are so beautiful, I can't wait to see the adults! Happy birthday DC =D
  19. Wahoo, despite being late to the party I managed to catch my share! ^^ I can't say how glad I am that I've been hoarding some CB Ices. Either one of these would look beautiful in a lineage with them.
  20. Oh dags, I completely forgot about the release. X_x Managed to grab one of each so far. Hoping to get more, they're GORGEOUS!
  21. So many gorgeous eggs this year! It's impossible to choose a favorite, though I'm very partial to the tiger egg and the SNK egg x3 And the one with the baby dragon popping out and then hiding again, and the night sky one, and... I was freaking out not understanding why my 56th egg wouldn't show up. Then I came on here and read that one had been pulled. Good to know. I thought my browsers were bugging out.
  22. The coastal baby looks chubby! I love little chubby hatchies =3= I have to admit it was a pain earlier, but after a few hours catching definitely got a little easier. I accidentally overburdened myself on coastals and will need to swap one for a noisy later. My kneejerk reaction to the time change was a negative one, but this actually hasn't been a bad release. Excited for more drakes too! Drakes always strike me as friendly and fun, like dragons I'd like to have as friends irl. ^^
  23. My personal morals: - Never kill/trade/release a gift, even if it genders incorrectly/is a lineage I don't like. I like seeing the dragon on my scroll to remind me of the nice person who gave it to me, regardless of if I can carry on the line or not =3 - Never use EQ or the kill option. I will occasionally release dragons that were part of wonky lineage projects that went south. - I'm not against biting but right now the chances of it working are too low to risk - Never deliberately inbreed, but I'll adopt/keep and freeze inbred hatchies if I do accidentally breed one or pi
  24. Whoops, spoke too soon! Caught two heavies on the :15 mark =DD
  25. Aw, so they aren't hybrids after all. I was hoping for those. ^^; Oh well, psyched to see what these guys turn out to be! I caught two flares, but no heavies...gonna try a bit longer, but I can't stay up tonight. Work tomorrow >.<