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puzzlechick.pngMy wishlist and Tinsel/Shimmer listRequests for 2nd gen common eggs from my Holly are OPEN! ♥ Please read my profile for details before PMing, and to see what other gift/trade offers I have available! =)Be excellent to each other and party on~

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    My Wishlist and Tinsel/Shimmer breeding lists: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoNhzkXFWYJSdHJUM29SdWNmTy15QllTUkoxdHBGcEE&usp=sharing

    If it says 'to freeze' by it, that means I'll take anything, messy lineaged, inbred, doesn't matter! I'll gladly give it a home and a name!

    Currently Most Wanted:
    CB Xenowurms
    Blue and Bronze CB Lunars

    I have made an agreement for my Holly's offspring this year. I do not break promises made in good faith so please do not ask unless you see a message come up in my sig saying I'm taking offers again.


    ♥ 2nd gen eggs from my CB Holly

    I will breed from his past mates (I am not taking any new lines at the moment) on a voluntary payment basis. If you'd like to trade me something for one I'm happy to take commons for collecting/freezing purposes. If you want more than one Hollykin from him, then I will discuss a trade.

    ♥ 5th gen or higher Tinsels/Shimmers from clean lineages

    Just PM me and ask for one, and I'll add you to my lists. Just understand that it will usually be a few weeks or more before I can fulfill your request, especially if it's for a Tinsel or Shimmer - you know how stingy they can be with their shiny eggs!


    ♥ 3d and 4th gen Shimmers/Tinsels

    See my shimmer list for details on the lines I have and which ones are available for breeding! Blood/gen swaps always welcome. I'm also happy to trade them for uncommons/rares and things from my wishlist.

    ♥ Special Request pairings for lineage projects

    Most of my dragons barring my Tinsels/Shimmers and Holly are available for breeding with any of my others if you need a particular parentage for a project. If they're not particularly rare eggs you're looking for I often gift them. For rare eggs wishlist fills are usually automatic acceptances, or we can discuss common/uncommon options.


    I promise to respond to ALL polite PMs in kind. (Give me a few days to do so; I work full days and forget to check DragCave sometimes. ^^; If you haven't gotten an answer after a few days, don't be afraid to send a follow-up asking if I got your message!) If you PM me to ask about a trade or egg and my answer is a "Yes! But it might be a few weeks if that's all right," or a "I can't do that, but I could do this, would that be okay?" PLEASE respond with a yae or nae. If you don't answer my PM, I will assume you have declined the offer and won't know to add you to my breeding list for anything.

    I will take IOUs. I always fulfill my IOU promises and will not back out on an agreement. If for some reason it's taking an especially long time to breed something I owe you, I will contact you to let you know I'm still working on it.


    Current IOUs:
    harlequin- Rosebud/Stripe from Holly

    Currently IOUd to me: