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    I will accept (and do honestly like) tombstone lineages, but I don't like killing my dragons and therefore will continue those only on rare occasions. I usually freeze messy or inbred lineages, though exceptions are sometimes made. The lineages noted beside male or female dragons is to match the intended mate, and is CB unless otherwise stated.

    My scroll needs:

    Bluna female (2nd gen)
    Copper pair (one of each color)
    Dorsal Red pair
    Geode female
    Gold female
    Hellhorse male
    Nebula- Red
    Neglected (any lineage)
    Neotropical female
    Shallow Water female
    Shimmer-scale (One of each)
    Silver pair
    Seasonal spring male
    Striped Black male (3rd gen even)
    Striped Blue pair (any clean lineage)
    Striped Green pair (any clean lineage)
    Striped Red pair (any clean lineage)
    Vine Alt. pair

    Holiday Wishlist (two of each unless otherwise specified. One to freeze, one to raise) -
    Holly hatchling
    Rosebud hatchling
    Wrapping-Wing hatchling
    Yulebuck hatchling