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Admin of the DBC - A dragcave fansite & hatchery. shoko.pngfiregem.pngsolstice.png TopazGolden's Cave

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    Downeast Maine
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    Owner/Admin of the Dragon Swamp, aka The Dragon Breeders Cave. A wife and a mother of 2 sons and a daughter.
    Living on a 20 acre 200 year old farm in Downeast Maine. We currently have 2 mini horses, 1 cat and 3 dogs.

    Current scroll goals - Increase # of 2G Bronze Female Tinsels and Tinselkin from Bronze Female Tinsels
    Can swap offspring from Topaz for these. Interested in getting started on checker lineages from her. =)

    I love checker lineages, especially with gold and silver dragons.

    Current Goal is to reach 3000 dragons. ACHIEVED! =)
    Current Goal is to reach 5000 dragons. ACHIEVED! =)
    Current Goal is to reach 6000 dragons. ACHIEVED! =)
    Current Goal is to reach 8000 dragons.

    My hubby plays also but does not have a forum account. His scroll is under garyjfuchs

    My kids are spoileddragon (daughter), she does not have a forum account yet. And Golden1 (son), he has forum name of JGW.

    Feel free to visit at the DBC! New overhaul done for 2017. =) Helping grow your dragons since 2008.