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  1. Wondering the same-- also, if I don't vote on every tree now, and I come back and start voting again, will I see all the trees? Just the ones I haven't seen yet? Just a random selection?
  2. WOW!!!! Just... WOW!!!!! Thank you, TJ! You rock!
  3. I've got a silver-- thanks to Greg for his dynamic banner, I wouldn't have the patience to sit and count my dragons. Funny... I'd have thought I had more. Oh, well.
  4. Aaack!!! I had to work yesterday, then had a family emergency... I'm just now finding out about this! I am crushed!
  5. Hmm. Teacher, I guess. Interesting.
  6. Lessee... I've been around awhile, but I rarely post... I absorb a lot, though. I'm not even sure what my member number is... I joined Sept 9, 2008. Hang on a sec... Member # 13,508. What does that make me? ~Willow
  7. You can switch me to Oath Taker; I did indeed take (and mean to honour) the oath. I think it's a good idea, myself.
  8. After careful consideration and long perusal of this thread... I'm taking the oath. Sign me up.
  9. My very first geode gendered during the lag-- it's a boy. His code is Amie, though, and I *really* liked it, so... I have a boy named Amie.
  10. Oh, the plushies are awesome... beyond awesome... they're... BEAWESOME!!!!! Me want bad!!!
  11. I just named my Valentine "Vhentu," based on her code: Vntu. I just liked it. My husband has a pretty set pattern for his names-- ie, all his Winters have Celtic names that start with B-- but one's code was EcPZ, so he named her "Easy Peasy." Couldn't resist.