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  1. sadly the site seems not to have the collectable part of the site that was unicreatures up and running. so far I only see half of it
  2. Bad day. My dad had a hussy fit when he couldn't find what he was looking For in the medicine cabinet
  3. oh sorry people! I totally forgot about this thread!
  4. Just to mention something here. I'm available also in the irc most of the time. so you can pop us a quick question there as well and can reply to you in real time If i'm online.
  5. Now Mentoring MidnightCarter He found me in irc.
  6. what don't you understand? Can we help?
  7. Pmed Second Rate Will update later. Mentoring Second Rate
  8. sane here, I prefered the old layout.
  9. I'm against mostly because until recently even catching your two was difficult. I remember in 09 because the eggs were mixed in with regular eggs for most of the drops, it was a major headache just to get my two. The next year was easier but still somewhat difficult. I had to get mine gifted. lol or moan later on too many! We don't want anymore! Like with the amount of eggs in the ap and cave. Peeps kept complaining about not being able to catch an egg so tj upped the cave production and introduced multi clutches. Still the damned complaints. then the 08 mass breed happened and i recall one of the comments were maybe now the people who were moaning about not being able to catch an egg will be able to catch their fill. Unfortunately after breeders, tj included stuffed the ap full of eggs, their minds changed again and complained about too many eggs.
  10. , if you need any help though, i might be able to help but i'm kinda newbish there since they changed things.
  11. as far as I know the software for ipb allows for an embedded mibbit irc chat. It can be clickable via a link in the forum. given that we already have an irc chat and a link to it, the suggestion would be to tweak it so one doesn't have to travel to site discussion to access the link to irc. they can just click a link at the top of the page. so both sides would be happy. one side gets to have their chat linked on the forums, and the other half doesn't have to see it on the forums when they browse it on their phone. Besides which there are android chat clients for irc.
  12. nope you didn't. It just takes time for the html page to get updated. it's ok
  13. lotto pays out every once in a while to people or do not have credits and have a link set up in main And something new! http://yarold.eu/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7550 Everyday you login to yarolds you'll be given 50 credits! How about that? 50 free clicks just for logging in!
  14. don't exactly know what happened but I can guess. There are some things in this world you can't just joke about. It's that taboo
  15. And do you not think original cb holly owners are not complaining their holly worth is slowly depreciating? How do you think the cb holly owners feel? Every year honorable mentions can win cb hollies, further diluting the value on the original 60 cb hollies . If the cb holly owners can take the depreciation, you as a cb tinsel owner can take it too. Should i get mad if you gained a cb holly though the raffle, diluting the value of mine? When it was gained mostly though sheer luck? And original cb holly owners actually had to sift though the reg dragons to catch the cb holly instead of receiving one with little to no work at all
  16. sorry about that. Fixed. Seems the shortened urls stopped working
  17. Free to a good home! http://dragcave.net/teleport/c6a5384740234...81981981aa9c66d
  18. guessing more hollies might be due to tj upping the chances of more clutches or the cb dragons being more generous than usual. Mine decided to be generous again. Do wish people would take more care choosing mates for their xmas dragons so that folks unfortunate enough not to be an owner of a cb version can catch an xmas dragon with a good lineage
  19. I do wish the reasons stated for closing the thread be consistent. 1st we were told it was closed for reverse engineering, then we were told it was for multis.