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  1. Still nothing on mobile works. Can’t move any dragons on a board they just auto set wherever. Capacity stays at 0/10 can only click on either red or green dragon. super disappointed
  2. Can’t even move them on mobile, when I click the dragon they just pop in to that spot.
  3. Still not able to play 😕 this is as far as I can get on mobile
  4. Been reading tricks to get the game to work on mobile and nothing. I can place one dragon, but I don’t think the game is reading it. My capacity is still 0/10
  5. Nothing’s popping up for me
  6. So the exclusive egg...is that a one time only deal? 😕
  7. Little confused. When I try to grab an egg it says I'm at my limit on one, but I have no eggs on my page...
  8. How often do they pop back up? Five minutes?
  9. They look like iron man eggs
  10. Ista is still here with a large group of golds! We have plenty of beautiful queens.
  11. Senior Queen Milzith has decided to rise tonight despite the cold and has given the weyr a beautiful egg. Her granddaughter, and first junior queen Halcyonith has graced us with a glittering gold egg after flying with a great hellfire dragon who managed to catch her. Our second junior queen, Gildith was also caught by a hellfire and has her first egg resting on Ista's sands. in addition male gold Aurumith has sired a small spitefire egg.
  12. It seems Ista has welcomed not one, but two Junior Gold Queens to its sands recently. Gildith and Halcyonith.
  13. Little Midath has grown up fast here at Ista and when a young Golden Wyvern rose to flight he flew after her. Now on our sands is a nice little golden wyvern egg.
  14. Wonderful news, Milzith's little egg hatched into a large gold male named Midath!
  15. Finally after countless months of Milzith not producing any eggs for the weyr, she surprised us with a little gold egg! Ista's two male golds have also produced eggs this time as well!
  16. We have a new green resting in the sands today. <a href='http://dragcave.net/view/L9svF'><img src='http://PLEASE_READ_THE_RULES_BEFORE_ATTEMPTING_TO_POST_YOUR_EGGSL9svF.gif' style='border-width: 0' alt='Adopt one today!'/></a> Our queen still refuses any male that comes near here.
  17. With our queen not clutching any eggs for some time, we are in need of a junior queen that will help keep Ista Weyr from dying out.
  18. Milzith still has not produce an egg for Ista. It's a little worrying that the weyr has no other queens.
  19. Again we've not had much luck. Milzith and her daughters and granddaughters have refused any males. But one of our blue males, Skypiath, mated with a green female and produced a new blue egg for our weyr.
  20. Milzith has been refusing any males when she goes into her mating flights. Those of Ista weyr fear for our only queen as she has produced no golds of her own. Maybe the weyr will have to look for another queen elsehwere...
  21. While wondering around Ista's beaches and jungle several riders came with strange looking eggs that were hot to the touch. Milzith has taken them as her own and is warming them on the hatching grounds. Hopefully we'll add some new dragons to our wings