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  1. DONE Gift: CB Royal Blue Egg/Hatchling code: u8M2Y Giftee: Jan 3rd - KatPhipps Gifter: Linda4atc Status: accepted
  2. DONE This egg was never accepted and it hatched so I am gifting the hatchling to someone else.... Gift: Bronze EG Tinsel hatchling Egg/Hatchling code: rUGht Giftee: Pisps Gifter: Linda4atc Status: accepted
  3. DONE This still has not been accepted.... Gift: 3rd EG red egg Egg/Hatchling code: eoGA4 Giftee: 2nd - ImHelpful Gifter: Linda4atc Status: accepted Gift: 2nd gen Magma Egg/Hatchling code: p0YN2 Giftee: 6th - hikarisoul16 Gifter: Linda4atc Status: accepted
  4. DONE Gift: Bronze EG 7th gen Tinsel Egg/Hatchling code: (rUGht) Giftee: Reakeda Gifter: Linda4atc Status: Sent Link ......Hatched ... I am Gifting to someone else Gift: Messy Gold Tinsel (zero preference on generational count) Egg/Hatchling code: (3iKIy) Giftee: NightRunner Gifter: Linda4atc Status: Accepted
  5. DONE Gift: 2nd gen purebred black Egg/Hatchling code: FqAbh Giftee: Shichibi Gifter: Linda4atc Status: Accepted Gift: 2nd gen Purebred Black Stripe Egg/Hatchling code: ICbbX Giftee: Ashywolf Gifter: Linda4atc Status: Accepted
  6. happy Birthday Happy Birthday to me! Forum name: Linda4atc Scroll name: Linda4atc Scroll: link Birthday: Feb 27th List: (I'm in CA, USA) 1. CB Gold or Silver Metal (on my scroll 1-silver, 0-gold) 2. 2nd gen silver from Solstice Dragon 3. CB or 2nd gen purebred nebulas .
  7. I think it is absolutely fabulous! I have always understood the two holiday limit but was very depressed that I could not keep a baby when I bred my dragons. Because of this I actually released some of my Holiday CBs after I bred them and kept the offspring. I don't think there will be any more difficulty getting dragons like the Holly because as far as I can see Holidays are almost always multiple births so some will drop from every breeding. The one thing I do wish is that the eggs did not automatically release when you pick an egg. I would like to be able to save one and still te
  8. Happy Hearts for Dragons and to TJ and mods. Thank you all
  9. my house Well my son decorated my house. He did not look at any others, and it surprised me that he took into considerations that it was a dragon event. It didn't surprise me that he used black, and I thought the "I heart U" was sweet. I have a good kid. (Even if he is 6'7" and just turned 25) LOL
  10. LOL I love Cynderella with those big green eyes!
  11. Dang when I went back to check the link several pieces of candies were misplaced and stuff I discarded still showed! So I went back in and ended up changing things around again and used little more of planned color scheme. So I think I put another 90 minutes in on it. (about 6 total) Lots of fun bit right arm and shoulder are aching now. I hope the pieces do not get messed up again! Thank you TJ-Dragon-Santa, Merry Christmas, goodnight and sweet dreams everyone.
  12. Ohh Wow, ohh Wow. I am loving all the beautiful, creative, fun and sometimes silly houses. I didn't keep names in minds but three that come to mind that I could describe without any confusion are Santa in the Chimney, The pink female Dragon and the Holly Dragon ... Wonderful. I still don't know if my son is going to decorate my house for me, but when I was talking to my cousin she asked me to decorate hers. This is what I came up with. I am amazed at those of you with the perfectly layered candies. I tried for a more layered look on the roof and I kept accidentally grabbing something an
  13. Awesome I missed that and was trying to get the decorating dates, thanks hun. Dang I hope we will have at least a couple of hours, it is hard to get people online at the same time, that is one reason I almost gave up DC before TJ promised the Teleport BSA.
  14. Ooooh I have just spent a good hour going back through all the gingerbred houses in this thread. When my 24 year old son was growing up we made a gingerbread house most years. I am going to send him several of these links so he can enjoy them. I know he will love those black houses. Not something we ever did but it is his favorite color. LOL I am also thinking if he is interested to let him decorate my house. Can someone help me please? I need to know what date the decorating stops and the can no longer be changed.....
  15. Congrats!!! I hav seen a couple drop, but of course they were too fast for me. I have been having a blast cooking in my DC Kitchen!!! This event is one of favorites. Just like at home in my kitchen, I do a lot of cooking by myself, and other times I grab a recipe from one of my many cookbooks. Some people like doing it all by themselves, some can't seem to get anywhere without a recipe, and others fall somewhere in the middle. I personally love that we have a choice, and I think it makes it enjoyable instead of annoying for a great many of us.
  16. Fantastic event TJ, Thank you! Unfortunately I am one of those whose computer doesn'y want to cook a decent recipe. I totally love cooking and was trying all kinds of combinations from 1 to 4 ingredients and in both the prep the oven. The only thing I made was roasted vegetables, I know that would be one way to diet, but I want goodies too (LOL). Seriously I came here and found the spreadsheet and the Wiki lists and still I can not make even things like chocolate covered strawberries, eggnogg, peanutbutter all things I tried before seeing a recipe and after. Could someone ple
  17. I love a red / white and rare or holiday lineage. I am working on this. http://dragcave.net/lineage/2bjk7 --and --http://dragcave.net/lineage/GC9rV
  18. Oh tikigurl9 that sucks, but you are able to breed sibling to mate? wolfwindmoon LOL well if you have 3 magmas guess it's time to look for a 4th. I have been able to get breed a 2nd gen purebred Ice but my magmas and my thunders have never given me a pure egg.
  19. I like the Li Resurrection breeding, I would gender the child female and then breed a mate for her that would be green colored dragons that blend into the terrae color. (Amazon_warrior @ Sep 24 2012, 11:32 AM) love that marrow and stripe combo! congrats congrats that is fantastic!!! I love both the GoldenWyvern's and reds. I have bred these several times but still no egg lineage viewer
  20. Well congrats on the Blue nebula and lovely silver you guys. I saw those and went tried mine again, my sympathies ytak, even with fertility I still could not get an egg (again) I've been breeding him since he grew up on Jan 5th he has produced three daughters but all were red nebs.
  21. JaneMcAsh sorry I can't do anythhing to help your seasonals project. I am way lacking on springs of any kind. Grats also on the lovely red nebula lineages. Looks like they switched away from the blues again. Problem is I was hoping to get a blue nebula from my silver male and they won't even give me an egg lately. I've been having problems with that lineage, he has like three red nebula daughters already I'm trying to get a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/veff I got the 2nd gen silver part of it from a friend. I only have one caveborn silver and I'd like him to be in this l
  22. @ Amazon_warrior I love your Rainbow project. @ Sir Barton That is soo cute!! Love the humor. @ wolfwindmoon Has it hatched "RED" yet? @ codyne grats on the purebred grays. @ Kelan I don't want to know how much truble that purebred black line gave you. And I/m bumping this up... Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  23. @ Lillsally Saw your lineage just now and had to thank you. I grabbed this Aug of last year and love it. http://dragcave.net/lineage/XLJ7v Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Switching seasons summer egg, wanted a canopy. lol
  24. @ Lullakai-Shi sweet find @ railbussimon that is lovely\ I think I will try to breed one like minus the alt blacks, LOL If I give you a mate for it later could you breed a baby for me?
  25. Wow such ambitious people. I love these lineages you are working on. Mine always move so slow because I have so many to work on. QUOTE (Tayiadragonbite @ Aug 31 2012, 03:41 PM) my marrow did't give an egg either. Amazon_warrior if you remind me in three days I can try my male silver. Might as well he sure doesn't want to give me a blue nebula, I keep getting reds.