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Love my 2nd gen from Pisps:D Now wishing for a mate male frill x gold.(would allow me to breed them. WISHLIST cb gold or silver and list in my profile updated Jan 11 *linda4atc.png*dragoncavewikia.png*SigAMTrack.gif***my scroll info in google docs

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    I enjoy trading Artist Trading Cards (and dragons) with my friends on ATCsForAll.com.
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    I like Breeding special planned lineages with my dragons. I have a few stairstep lineages. But I really love Even-Generation lineages. For easier reference I broke my scroll down in Google Docs link in my signature (NOTE there are several tabs at the bottom of the Google doc to reach dragons not on the main page)

    PM me if I can breed anything for you..... :)

    updated Jan'14~~~MY WISHLIST~~~ (8 CB pairs of each Breed)~~~

    low gen, nice lineage ~ShimmerScale~
    (even gen is preferred but or perfect stair would be great to as long it genders correctly for me. LOL)

    ~Want CB ~
    CB Purple Nebula (I don't have any)
    CB Gold (I have only 1 2nd gen gold, no CB)
    CB Silver egg or Female (I do have one lonely male who wants a mate)
    CB Bluna egg or male (I have one pair)
    CB Red or Blue Nebulas (I only have one of each)
    CB Male Magma or egg (would give me two pairs)
    CB female Ice or egg (would give me two pairs and its one of my favorite breeds!)
    CB Coppers (I have one pair of each and would like more... the green is my fav)
    CB ALT black or ALT vine (don't have any)
    CB Blue Female Two-headed LindWorm or Egg (my male wants a lady)
    CB Green Male Two-headed Lindworm or egg (will give me two pairs)

    ~2nd Gen Eggs~
    2nd gen Purebred Gold
    2nd gen gold with a Holly parent
    2nd gen Purebred Silver
    A fantasy wish is a 2nd gen Shimmerscale

    ***any Even-gen eggs from purebreds favs would be the rares then nebulas, bluesangs, Tsunami, Moonstones and and any purebred Halloween Dragons (need to update with the newest dragons.)

    Scroll link is the chart in my signature. On my scroll the the name STRAY is an uneven/undesirable lineage.