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    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Wow new releases, thank you Tj and thanks to the Spriters! ^^
  2. A Bred Silver from the AP ^^ My oldest breeding pair on my scroll! Alurmi is his name and his lifelong mate is my first vine, Risera.
  3. Got my last one not long ago. They're all really cool! Sadly my friend whom was around mine most of the weekend only got one So if it does get extended then they might be able to have a chance of catching a few!
  4. These are so pretty and a good idea, thank you TJ & Spriters, happy easter everyone!
  5. I blame the Datamonster. He was hungry for some news.
  6. Yes, my Daydream. I influenced it to be male and weirdly..wanted to be female. Ahh well you can't stop fate eh?
  7. Well all my dragons living together would be something of a feat. Wouldn't the Gold blind the other Dragons with their sparkling hides? I really do not want to know how Mints and Guardians mate.. How would you release the Dragon? Kick it in the rear out of the cave? "OH hey your free, now get lost". Hatchlings you seem to be able to lead them outside and there is always a tree there to tie it to. I CALL ANIMAL CRUELTY! O_o
  8. Vine - Risera Fog - Aeonus Purple - Voronaku Stone - Ebonroc Are my original four and the only ones with descriptions
  9. I use Custom sort, I like them in my own order and to be unique :>
  10. I have a fair few, but these two are the only ones I have that are high levelled. Cynder | Kaiser And its down again...
  11. Ohh, this looks interesting. Numer: 13,365 Joined: 8-September 08 Not a master, though I did float about the forums/game for a long time before registering x.x;
  12. I'm a magi Dragon My middle name: Pink Second middle name: Male Red <- e.e; Surname: Male yule <- ^^
  13. Love all the KH games, I got 358/2 Days for christmas. I only just started playing it, not as awesome as the PS2 games but its enjoyable.
  14. Fog, Stone, Vine and Purple. All but the purple were CB.
  15. Picked up a lonely Purple egg, will pick up a Pink later and raise/release :3