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  1. Good luck to all whom applied, it's better to try than to sit there thinking of the what if's ^-^
  2. The joke is that many people didn't get one or only got a couple. * Shakes fist at those whom got egglocked with them. *
  3. Awesome, cute hatchies but...
  4. I only got 35, one year I will complete my basket as each time I only get halfway
  5. 60?! Oh my Dx Happy Easter Everyone!
  6. Ohh, I'm late to the party but snagged a few the past couple of says-- how beautiful! Thank you spriters ^-^
  7. I had an easter egg for my breakfast-- it's been a rough week!
  8. Here's me, though I believe I am an ugly turtle. Taken in Pamukkale Turkey.
  9. I have just been on a 9 hour night shift, finally decided on what offer I liked for my 2G Tinsel Egg..there were that many I just went down to Accept and hit the wrong one. I just traded it for a Valentines I already have. I want to cry ;;
  10. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd dda ^-^
  11. I personmally like them both, I can see why others don't but at least acknowledge the time and effort that went into updating them and give out constructive criticism instead of simply "I don't like it" I know some spriters are more thick skinned than others, still doesn't give you the right to slate them hard. Be thankful we got anything.
  12. I don't think there is any harm in extending it to perhaps 30 hours drop? An extra half day after Halloween, so those whom weren't around could at least catch up. I almost forgot myself to catch any and I had no net when the Pumpkins came out but I didn't complain I just kicked myself for not having any, but though..oh well and I love all my Bred Pumpkins.
  13. Had to sneak off quickly in work, managed to snag 6 as I already had 1 egg. They look so cute, can't wait to see the adults. Good luck to the ones whom weren't able to snag to get some from trades or ap <3
  14. And for the first time since it was introduced, I got all the treats! I adore the little Horde Crest and the cat with that arm
  15. I just got that one and thought the same thing Also, I love this ingredient:
  16. Twilit Moss & Dragon's Breath He sparkles, I love it!
  17. It's good to have a day off work, means I can spend it hunting for stuff and hopefully get them all for the first time in years. Thank you for the event!
  18. My luck has changed, managed to get a couple of bronze ones. Thank you for spriting another beautiful looking Dragon.
  19. Well I'm late to the party which means I'll never get one without trading, oh well. I'll start trying anyway =p
  20. Finally bred a tinsel for someone that's been waiting months. Egg locked. FML.
  21. Came online, seen all my eggs have hatched and went to collect some more. Got confused when there was no eggs and about 50 people online until I thought, "Ahh new release?" checked here yup! Strange? Snagged a few already, thanks!
  22. Happy 9th Birthday Dragcave! Only just managed to get online as I've been busy in work and my phone has been playing up D:
  23. Assassin's Creed Unity. In case my icon wasn't a big give away
  24. Typical that I find out new releases when I am nosing on other's scrolls. Managed to snag a few, can't wait for them to hatch!